Managed File Transfer from Globalscape

Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) delivers secure and efficient data exchange for any organization

Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform enables business partners, customers and employees to share information safely and securely. Unlike traditional file transfer software, this managed file transfer solution provides enterprise-level security, while automating the integration of back-end systems. EFT features built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls to keep your data safe. It replaces insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, expensive leased lines and VANs with a top-performing, scalable alternative. Administration is easy, yet detailed enough for complete control of your file transfer system.

Managed File Transfer software, EFT, secures, manages, and tracks data transfers for the enterprise.

EFT Enterprise

EFT Enterprise secures, manages, and tracks data transferred between people and applications both inside and outside your organization. The EFT platform is ideal for organizations with complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements. EFT can reduce complexity of your enterprise file transfer system, increase efficiency, and protect your most important data.

EFT SMB is a managed file transfer platform that provides military-proven security and automated workflows for the SMB.


EFT SMB is fully scalable file transfer software designed to fit your business needs and can be upgraded with modules to provide advanced features, as needed. As with our enterprise managed file transfer solution, EFT SMB can improve upon secure FTP and SFTP server integration and provide the advantage of automated data exchanges, military-proven security, and infrastructure stability for small-to-medium businesses.

Globalscape’s file transfer software enhances collaboration for the enterprise and SMB.


Enable secure file sharing and collaboration between users inside and outside of your network - without the shadow IT risks. Make it easier for end users to accomplish their business objectives, and easier for you to protect your IT infrastructure by retaining visibility and control. With EFT Workspaces, you can simplify collaboration between your organization and partners, without sacrificing security.

Workspaces enterprise file sharing software makes it easier for end users to share files of any kind via any web browser, allowing others to access, upload, and download folders and files.

File transfer management is seamless with EFT through its enhanced automation and efficiency capabilities.

Automation and Efficiency

Advanced managed file transfer automation capabilities allow you to deliver data without manual intervention, thus avoiding potential errors. If your organization's file transfer management involves a high-volume of data, automation offers a more efficient route and can save you both time and money.

EFT is a flexible managed file transfer that can communicate with industry-standard protocols.


Protocols allow for easy sharing of information and resources over the Internet. No matter which operating system your employees, vendors, and partners are using, EFT is a managed file transfer platform that can communicate with them over common, industry-standard protocols, including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2, and SFTP. The client, not the server, drives the authentication process, so choose the protocols that connecting clients need to connect.

EFT provides a secure and scalable system of file transfer management that helps companies protect their data and network.


Protect your data, protect your network. Left unprotected, data at rest or in transit can be a huge risk for a breach. Data encryption, secure protocols, strong ciphers, encryption keys, and password policies all support managed file transfer security so that you’re better equipped to safeguard sensitive information and avoid data breaches.

EFT is a secure file transfer platform that helps organizations meet their security and compliance requirements.


Organizations that struggle to meet government and industry regulated compliance mandates risk heavy fines — and even worse — they risk reputation-damaging data breaches. Through a secure file transfer solution, meeting and maintaining compliance is easier to achieve.

Globalscape’s file transfer software provides in-depth reporting and analytics for data-driven decision making.


Your file transfer software is a crucial part of your business processes. EFT’s in-depth reporting and analytics functionality provides your IT team and business users with monitoring to ensure the delivery of crucial files, provide documentation for audits, and guide important business decisions.