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Secure and Manage your Data Transfers with Globalscape EFT

Globalscape EFT (Enhanced File Transfer) is a comprehensive, user-friendly managed file transfer (MFT) software solution. Globalscape EFT provides security and compliance combined with powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis.

Deploy Globalscape EFT on-premises, in the cloud, or use our SaaS solution, MFTaaS.

Globalscape EFT Features Include:


Built-in regulatory compliance controls


Visibility, auditing, and reporting


Workflow automation and folder monitoring without scripting

high availability

High availability deployment options


Data encryption at rest and in transit

Why Globalscape EFT

Unlike traditional file transfer software, EFT provides enterprise-level data security as well as data transfer automation through integration with back-end systems. Administration is easy, yet detailed enough for complete control of your file transfer system. EFT replaces insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, manual delivery, expensive leased lines, and VANs with a top-performing, scalable alternative.


Globalscape EFT File Transfer Solution Options

EFT Arcus (MFTaaS)

EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) combines the Globalscape EFT platform with the agility, elasticity, and cost-savings the cloud can provide.

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EFT Enterprise

EFT Enterprise is ideal for organizations looking for an on-premises MFT software solution to meet complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements.

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EFT Express

EFT Express is an on-premises MFT software solution offering a level of security superior to FTP server integration.

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Enable secure file sharing and collaboration among end users with EFT

Collaboration with Workspaces

Enable secure file sharing and collaboration between users inside and outside of your network.

Workspaces is an enterprise file sharing software that collaboration between your organization and partners with an emphasis on security. Empower end users to accomplish business objectives, reduce your risk of shadow IT, and protect your IT infrastructure with Workspaces. This secure collaboration solution allows end users to share files of any type via any web browser easily, and allows others to securely access, upload, and download folders and files.

Maintain the essential IT visibility and control.

EFT offers advanced automation capabilities designed to improve your file transfer and data monitoring efficiency

Automation and Efficiency

Advanced managed file transfer automation capabilities allow you to deliver data without manual intervention, thus reducing potential errors.

Globalscape EFT features several tools that improve automation and efficiency:

  • An intuitive interface that makes automating important tasks simple and helps to ensure their regular completion
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), which gives your external partners more insight into relevant data movement
  • The native Event Rule system functionality allows administrators to set up folder monitors and event triggers, timed actions, and cloud object monitoring.

If your organization's file transfer management involves a high volume of data, automation offers a more efficient route and can save you both time and money.

An MFT platform that can communicate over industry standard protocols including AS2, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS

Secure Protocols

Protocols allow for simple and secure sharing of information and resources over the internet.

No matter which operating system your employees, vendors, and partners are using, Globalscape EFT is an MFT software that can communicate with them over common, industry-standard protocols, including:

The Globalscape EFT client, not the server, drives the authentication process, so you can choose the protocols that connecting clients use.

EFT is an FTP alternative that uses strong ciphers, encryption keys, secure protocols and more to improve your data security.


Protect your data and your network with secure data transfer and security best practices.

Left unprotected, data at rest or in transit can be at risk for a breach. It is essential to use secure data transfer software and employ security best practices, including using encrypted file transfer software, secure protocols, strong ciphers, encryption keys, and password policies. Each of these strategies support managed file transfer security so that you’re better equipped to safeguard sensitive information and avoid data breaches.

EFT is a secure file transfer platform that can automate compliance tasks and help ensure your organization meets regulatory standards


Organizations that struggle to meet government- and industry-regulated compliance mandates risk heavy fines—and worse—reputation-damaging data breaches.

Through a secure file transfer solution, meeting and maintaining compliance is easier to achieve. Globalscape EFT’s security modules use secure protocols, strong ciphers and encryption keys to ensure data at rest and data in transit is protected.

With MFT software, you can automate crucial compliance tasks using event rules and even create settings that can enforce compliance measures.

EFT’s in-depth reporting and analytics functionality provides your team with crucial insight and documentation


Your file transfer software is a crucial part of your business processes. It should provide you with the visibility and insight you need to effectively monitor and manage your data transfers.

Globalscape EFT’s thorough reporting and analytics functionality provides your IT team and business users with monitoring to:

  • Ensure the delivery of crucial files
  • Provide documentation for audits
  • Guide important business decisions

Our advanced Auditing and Reporting module (ARM) allows you to run dozens of reports in seconds so you can spend more time studying the analytics and less time generating them. You can also get real-time information and examine the details of your data transfers and event rules using the Insight module.

Award Winning Technical Support


The Globalscape Client Services team provides unrivaled support for our EFT platform.

With consistent customer satisfaction scores of 90 or above and net promoter scores of 80 or more, the numbers show our customers are more than happy with our high-quality service. Our support analysts are experts in MFT software solutions and can help you get the most out of Globalscape EFT.  

Whether your business transfers large data, a high volume of files, proprietary information, or all of the above, our analysts work with you to troubleshoot and optimize your secure file transfer system.

Flexible Managed File Transfer


Globalscape EFT offers versatile and flexible MFT software solutions to help meet your business’s unique needs.

More than just a buzz word, flexibility implies the capacity to grow and change with market conditions – an essential capability in today’s business environment.

Through on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments, Globalscape EFT provides the tools and scalability to address even the most complex file transfer activity. 

Standardize and Centralize File Transfers


Clients who use EFT look to Globalscape to provide a powerful, complete, and easy-to-use managed file transfer platform.

Our customers often need a system of record, or a way to standardize and centralize their file transfer activity, while ensuring their solution has the security capabilities for compliance and peace of mind. Offering agility and efficiency, Globalscape EFT is the B2B solution of choice for clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, defense contractors, entertainment & media, energy, retail and more.


Take Your Feature Requests from Wish List to Task List

Are there specific additional features your business needs in its MFT platform? If you've identified a feature you'd like added to EFT that could make your team that much more efficient, Globalscape offers a way to make that happen. The Accelerated Development program allows you to have direct influence over a feature you want added to the main EFT™ application(s) and directly affect the timeframe in which it is delivered. 

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