Managed File Transfer

Unlike traditional file transfer methods, Globalscape’s managed file transfer (MFT) platform provides secure file transfer between business partners, customers, and employees, while automating the integration of back-end systems. Built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls help keep your data safe, while outstanding performance and scalability help boost operational efficiency and maintain business continuity. Administration is easy, yet granular enough for complete control of your file transfer system.

  Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)
Managed File Transfer

Secure Email Attachments

Give your employees the means to email large files securely and quickly with co-workers, business partners, or vendors, without worrying about workflow disruptions, file size restrictions, or resource restraints.

  Mail Express®
Managed Email Attachments

Secure File Sync and Share

scConnect™ allows enterprise users to sync and share files while you maintain control of your network. On-premises deployment provides the mobile access (BYOD) you want with the local administration and security you require—your own private cloud without the dangers of cloud-sharing providers. Centralized administration for IT governance, two-factor authentication, and complete audit trails ensure compliance with industry, government, and regulatory standards.

File Sync and Share

Enterprise Collaboration

Simplify collaboration between your organization and partners, satellites, or branch offices. WAFS by Globalscape synchronizes files across disparate offices in near real time, securely, and with full record-keeping capabilities. Collaboration on complex files is simplified, more efficient, and absent of errors.

  Wide Area File Services (WAFS)
Enterprise Collaboration

Secure File Transfer for Consumers

At home or at the office, Globalscape's industry-leading consumer secure file transfer software lets you intelligently and securely move your important files across multiple locations. Securely transfer files between servers at home, your Internet Service Provider, or any FTP or Web server accessible through the internet.

Consumer File Transfer