SFT Rights Management

The Problem Confidential information has become the most valuable asset for modern organizations. Sharing data is essential to doing business, but collaboration isn’t always secure. Organizations must protect themselves from threats and breaches by ensuring data is safe at...


5 Secure File Transfer Alternatives to FTP

Join us as our cybersecurity experts explain why using FTP and other insecure, manual methods are a threat to your organization’s cybersecurity and explore five secure file transfer alternatives to FTP at 10:00am CST on Wednesday, May 25 2022.


FTPS Module for Globalscape EFT

The FTPS module for Globalscape EFT enables organizations to validate the integrity of transmitted data by allowing certain encryption algorithms for maximum security and all available types of encryption for maximum flexibility.


Globalscape EFT is more efficient at moving things around than our previous other applications...If I am connecting to someone over the Internet or transmitting for the client, the speed of transmitting those files through SFTP is 20% to...

Harold Mandarino, Systems Supervisor at FIS

Secure Forms Module for Globalscape EFT

The Secure Forms Module (SFM) is a user-friendly way for Globalscape EFT administrators to create custom-made web forms with multiple input values that can be used to collect data securely and capture metadata during file uploads when using EFT’s web client. 

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