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Democratizing Health Care with Globalscape EFT

According to Stanford University School of Medicine’s 2018 Health Trends Report, healthcare democratization is “characterized by two major factors: the distribution of data and the ability to generate and apply insights at scale. It promises a world in which patients—armed with data, technology, and access to expertise—can take charge of their own well-being and manage their own health.” 

Airline Seats - Globalscape
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EFT Takes Flight with an International Airline

The demand in air travel has subsequently led to airline companies focusing more on the customer experience—investing their IT budgets in mobile apps to make it easier for customers to check-in, reserve tickets, and so on. This leaves other segments of the IT department to be ignored, and thus not evolving with the ever-changing technological environment.

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MFT, SWIFT, and the Fight Against Cyberfraud

It should come as no surprise that cyberfraud attacks on global payment transfers are also increasing, both in number and sophistication. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the member organization to protect their own environment. In a recent use case, Globalscape engineers designed a simple, powerful, and affordable SFTP solution to assist a leading consumer goods company in achieving SWIFT compliance.

Effectively Manage Human Resources Technology
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Simplify and Secure Human Resource Management Applications with EFT Arcus

Organizations are looking for ways to maximize the operational efficiencies of the cloud while keeping personal data secure. and compliant. IT teams and executives alike face the challenge of managing, auditing, and securing the variety of human resource management applications handling sensitive personal data. Leverage existing IT infrastructure to centralize human capital management systems and easily achieve data security, compliance and visibility with EFT Arcus.

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