Unleashing the Efficiency of Globalscape EFT: The Premier Enterprise-Class MFT Solution

In today’s world, the secure and swift transfer of data is a cornerstone for businesses of all sizes. Enterprises are increasingly relying on managed file transfer (MFT) solutions to ensure their data is transferred securely and efficiently. Among the options available, Fortra’s Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) stands out as a powerful and efficient enterprise-class MFT solution. This blog post delves into why Globalscape EFT’s architecture is built for efficiency and the substantial benefits it offers to businesses. 

What is Globalscape EFT?

Globalscape EFT is a comprehensive MFT platform designed to manage, secure, and automate the exchange of data within and between enterprises. Its architecture is optimized for efficiency, providing businesses with a robust solution that can handle their evolving data transfer needs. 

The Architecture of Efficiency 

Globalscape EFT’s architecture is crafted to maximize efficiency and performance. Here are some key features that highlight this: 

  1. Handling High Volumes with Fewer Nodes: Globalscape EFT is designed to handle higher volumes of file transfers with fewer nodes, making it a cost-effective solution. This efficiency is particularly valuable in high-volume batch transfer environments where supporting mission-critical dataflow is essential. With Globalscape EFT, businesses can ensure that their data transfers are handled smoothly and reliably, minimizing the risk of downtime, which can be costly in terms of both money and reputation. 
  2. Real-Time Processing: Businesses that choose Globalscape EFT can perform real-time processing of files as soon as they arrive. This is a significant advantage over antiquated polling mechanisms used by many competitors, which can cause delays and inefficiencies. With EFT, data is processed instantly, enhancing operational speed and responsiveness. 
  3. Superior Post-Processing Automation: Unlike many MFT vendors that rely on single-threaded processing mechanisms, Globalscape EFT’s multi-threaded architecture allows for seamless scaling. As business needs grow, EFT continues to deliver fast and efficient post-processing automation without the significant delays seen in other solutions. This ensures that businesses can scale their operations without worrying about bottlenecks or performance degradation. 
  4. Flexible Deployment Options: Globalscape EFT offers a variety of deployment options to fit any business’s needs. Whether a company prefers on-premises, hybrid, or fully managed SaaS, EFT can accommodate. Additionally, EFT offers both subscription and perpetual licensing models, providing flexibility in how businesses manage their IT budgets and deployment strategies.
  5. High Performance with Minimal Hardware: Businesses that opt for Globalscape EFT benefit from its efficient architecture, which requires significantly less hardware to achieve high performance. In fact, other MFT solutions often need hardware that is twice as powerful or twice the number of high-availability server nodes to match the performance of a single EFT server node. This translates to cost savings and simpler infrastructure management for enterprises using EFT. 

Putting Globalscape EFT to the Test 

Globalscape engineers performed 100 simultaneous 130MB file uploads over a simple File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and compared the results. Globalscape’s competitor exhibited 178% more CPU utilization, was 104% worse for disk performance (higher number of queued write requests) and had 31% more memory utilization on average. Below is a table of performance results: 

Competitor comparison graph

The Competitive Edge with Globalscape EFT 

Choosing Globalscape EFT over other MFT solutions provides several distinct advantages: 

  • Efficiency in Real-Time Processing: EFT's ability to process files immediately upon arrival eliminates delays and enhances operational efficiency. 
  • Scalability and Performance: With EFT's multi-threaded processing, businesses can scale their operations without encountering the significant delays that plague single-threaded solutions. 
  • Flexible Deployment and Licensing: Whether businesses need an on-premises, hybrid, or SaaS solution, EFT offers the flexibility to meet those needs. The availability of subscription and perpetual licenses further ensures that businesses can choose the most suitable financial model. 
  • Cost-Effective Performance: EFT’s architecture means that businesses can achieve high performance with less hardware, reducing costs and complexity in their IT infrastructure. 


Globalscape EFT stands out as a powerful and efficient enterprise-class MFT solution, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern business environments. Its architecture is built for efficiency, providing real-time processing, scalable performance, flexible deployment options, and cost-effective hardware requirements. For businesses looking to enhance their data transfer operations, Globalscape EFT offers an unparalleled combination of power and efficiency.