In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to be confident that your IT systems are continuously performing at their best. This is especially crucial for your data transfer platform, which must be able to move data quickly, securely, and reliably. Globalscape's Assessment Services provide three different system evaluations to help you and your team understand how EFT and its related processes are performing.


EFT Health Check - EFT Health Check is a recommended part of regular platform maintenance. This service provides an assessment to evaluate your existing EFT configuration for optimal performance. Our certified professionals will:

  • Analyze EFT usage and metrics
  • Review current system requirements
  • Document initial findings
  • Make recommendations
  • Present best practices

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EFT Platform Assessment - The EFT Platform Assessment goes beyond the Health Check, providing a comprehensive, structured assessment of your MFT platform that dives deeper into your requirements and use cases. Our certified experts will:

  • Thoroughly examine your system, documenting your configuration and setup details
  • Consult on your MFT use cases and requirements
  • Assist in the scope of your migration project plan or strategic plan
  • Provide you with essential best practices

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EFT Automation Assessment - This EFT Automation Assessment provides a comprehensive, structured analysis of your MFT business automation processes. Our certified experts will:

  • Assess your automation processes based on complexity, resilience, performance, and sustainability.
  • Examine your automation logic and business requirements and review your processes for improvement opportunities.

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