Globalscape offers EFT training classes tailored to your needs. We can deliver training at your facility, remotely online, or at our San Antonio location.

The Globalscape Training Overview provides a comprehensive view of our training courses, including course overviews, objectives, and agendas. Explore our many training options which can help you and your team optimize your user experience.

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  • EFT Administrator Course - This 2-day course provides instruction on everyday administrative guidelines, user account control, account permissions, HA deployments, Web client interfaces, file sharing, and troubleshooting.
  • EFT Essentials Course - This 1-day course provides high level information for everyday administrative guidelines, user account control, and end-user web and non-web clients for file exchanges.

Automation and AWE

  • EFT Automation Course - This 1-day course provides an understanding of how automation rules work in EFT and how to build them.
  • EFT Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Advanced Course - This 2-day course will help you understand advanced concepts of the AWE module, from how to use AWE with current business processes to advanced concepts like integration with existing systems.
  • EFT Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Essentials Course – This 1-day course will help you understand AWE and its interface, how they work together, and more.


  • EFT Certification Exams – Successful completion of this exam will certify you as an EFT Administrator. If you are an experienced EFT administrator, you might choose to skip the courses and just take the exams to receive certification. The EFT Administrator Certification Exam and the EFT Professional Certification Exam are self-serve, web-based exams


  • EFT Integration Course – During this half-day course you will learn how to integrate EFT with other systems by leveraging EFT integration points, EFT APIs, architecture, client side API, COM API to create your own custom applications using a COMenabled programming language.


  • EFT BAM Essentials Course - Learn how to leverage business activity monitoring (BAM) to its fullest potential in this 4-hour course. After completing this course, you will understand BAM administration, how to use reports, and more.


  • EFT Migration Tool Course - This 4-hour course provides a detailed training for users on how to use the EFT migration tool and some of its typical use cases for migrations or synchronization.


  • EFT Security Course - This 1-day course covers the basics of security concepts in EFT to advance security configuration that allows organizations to achieve compliance and governance of their file transfers.

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EFT Professional Training packages offer a selection of training services designed to accelerate your ability to get the most out for your EFT platform. Our certified professionals provide expert guidance and training on administration, automation, security and more.

EFT Professional
Certification Package


  • EFT Administrator Course
  • EFT Automation Course
  • EFT Security Course
  • EFT AWE Essentials Course


EFT Administrative
Certification Package


  • EFT Administrator Course
  • EFT Automation Course