Fortra’s EFT Expert Services

Ensuring the deployment of technology at your organization is running smoothly and optimally is one of the keys to maximizing your cybersecurity investment. Doing so can minimize risk and disruption to your business as your team adapts new functionality for security and automation of your file transfer processes.

Fortra’s EFT Expert Services for Globalscape is an available service that offers consultation on your ongoing projects, reviews of closed support projects, as well as helps you optimize your solution's implementation and consults with you on your solution’s implementation and delivers the training needed for your key users, which could otherwise take away priceless time from your busy IT staff. To meet your organization's goals for optimizing the implementation of Globalscape across your organization, Fortra offers a value-added service to customers across all deployments.

How it Works

When you select EFT Expert Services, a dedicated Globalscape EFT specialist will be assigned to your organization’s point of contact to deliver scheduled meetings designed to give:

  • Expert advice: You’ll get assistance and advice on configuration changes in your environment and guidance on the design and deployment of Globalscape for your organization’s needs.
  • Ad hoc training: Your specialist will provide customized, ad hoc training on product features to help you maximize your organization’s experience with the Globalscape solution.

EFT Expert Services Scope of Services

Validate and Optimize Your Configuration

Get advice from one of our seasoned engineers via scheduled status review meetings to validate using best practices on how to configure your new requirements and optimize your solution's implementation. We will:

  • Gather information on your environments for faster issue resolution  
  • Assist with EFT requirements and recommend additional use cases
  • Provide guidance on any EFT upgrades 
  • Help with migration to cloud, SaaS, or data centers  
  • Advise how to scale your existing environments within your organization
  • Guide you on server administration and automation configuration
  • Discuss and review support case history

Fastrack Your Onboarding Teams

Speed up the onboarding of new teams or team members with:

  • Scheduled meetings to understand your unique environment and governance structure
  • Training on Globalscape feature use and best practice recommendations
  • Product roadmap and release briefings 

EFT Expert Services Scope of Service Details


Account ManagementEscalation Management
Gathering information to profile the environments for faster case resolution.Work closely with the Fortra support and development teams to facilitate information for issues that require escalations.
Consultation, assistance with EFT requirements and use cases.Help in gathering additional information (logging and configuration) as requested by Fortra technical support.


Upgrades and Migration GuidanceBest Practices and Ad hoc Training
Assistance in planning and reviewing EFT upgrades, migration (cloud, data centers), scale-out of existing environments within your organization, and offering technical recommendations.
  • Ad hoc meetings to understand your unique environment and governance structure.
  • Training on how to use an EFT Application feature.
  • Best practice recommendations and Product roadmap and release briefings


Application Administration AdviceAutomation Configuration Advice

Advise on EFT User Account and Groups management, including:

  • Add/update/delete EFT users and admins
  • Change password, Associate Key for authentication
  • Folder permissions
  • Outbound connection management
  • Open PGP Key/SSH Keys, SSL Certificate management
  • Import/export keys, create, remove, and update keys within EFT Product
  • Remote Agents configuration
  • EFT security policy changes

Advise, create, update, and delete file automation rules or projects (schedule, folder monitors, or file system triggers)

  • Copy/move files based on business rules
  • Compression/decompression, Open PGP encryption/decryption, email notification, clean up, ICAP file scan
  • File transfer from/to FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2, Cloud storage (Azure or S3), SMB
  • Build system cleanup routines
  • Error Checking Logic and Advanced Error Notifications


EFT Expert Service Delivers the Expertise You Need

Choose from three levels of pre-paid tiers of EFT Expert Service*, depending on the hours your organization requires. Contact your Fortra representative for additional details:

  • Basic: Up to four hours per month
  • Standard: Up to 10 hours per month
  • Enterprise: Up to 24 hours per month

Interested in Dedicated, EFT Expert Services?

Please contact us today, and we’ll be in touch with all the details you need.

*EFT Expert Service details:

  • Two business days SLA response time
  • Operation hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (or standard business hours, Mon. - Fri.)
  • Minimum one-hour meetings with 30 minute increments