About Globalscape by HelpSystems

Mission-Critical File Transfers for Windows-Centric Organizations

Globalscape is recognized for consistently providing Windows-centric organizations top-notch solutions for securing and automating file transfers. For more than 25 years, organizations around the globe have continued to rely on us to support their mission-critical business processes, enabling them to securely transfer millions of files a month between systems, trading partners, databases and more.

Our automation capabilities simplify and streamline even the most complex needs, helping reduce the workload burden on IT teams. From large corporations to small businesses, there is a Globalscape EFT configuration and industry-leading support team available to help organizations meet their unique business goals.

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“Globalscape’s MFT solution has a focus on security and built-in regulatory compliance. It continues to innovate and improve its product, becoming a competitive force in the market.”

- Info-Tech Research Group

Partner Program

Globalscape offers you tailored solutions with enough flexibility to become a core part of your organization’s cybersecurity and file transfer processes. We’ve partnered with managed service providers, security companies, IT consultants, and resellers all over the world to provide IT professionals with award-winning software at great value. By working with Globalscape, our partners are able to offer their customers end-to-end solutions that provide the security, governance, compliance, and visibility required for their business interactions.


About HelpSystems: Helping to Build a Better IT

At HelpSystems, we feel it is our job to help organizations build up their competitive edge. As a result, we have made it our priority to align both your IT and business goals together. Our software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. More than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries rely on HelpSystems to help you build a better IT and keep business running smoothly.

HelpSystems is unique in its approach to building better, more secure IT infrastructure and we’re proud of that. Our software works passively while it greatly enhances your ability to move business forward.

We work with growing enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, managed service providers (MSPs), and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In addition, we work hard to foster long-term relationships with customers like you, who rely on us to continually deliver products and services driven by consistent improvements and innovations.


"The Globalscape team has always been helpful and knowledgeable—from my account rep to tech support to trainer."

- Micah, IT Manager/Director

Our Commitment to You

Whether you’re a security analyst, IT operator, business analyst, or CIO, your day is full of challenges—and often surprises. We continually hear that you’re looking for better ways to automate, secure, and inform. Through reliable software, expert services, and outstanding support, we give you a better way, solving your business problems and making your life easier.

At HelpSystems we develop powerful, easy-to-use software for cybersecurity, IT operations management and monitoring, business intelligence, and document management. Our software simplifies everyday operations to help you save time and cut costs. Our experts guide you to hit your goals. And whenever you have a question, our calls are answered the old-fashioned way: by a live member of our experienced support team.

More than 1000 employees in 25-plus offices worldwide are dedicated to helping customers solve problems. Our home base is Minneapolis, Minnesota in the U.S.

Start Your Career Here

We pride ourselves on hiring the smartest, most qualified, and most talented experts in their respective fields. At HelpSystems, we also understand how important it is to invest in our employees’ professional advancement so we continue to provide opportunities for training and personal growth.

The average tenure of our support team members is over ten years. We see this unusually long average tenure as illustrating the commitment we have to our employees—and to the commitment our employees have to us.