Globalscape deployment services are designed to get our customers up and running quickly using a proven methodology that ensures success. Our certified consultants use experience from countless implementations to help you execute a successful, smooth deployment of our powerful, out-of-the-box solutions.


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  • EFT Quick Start - This service gets customers up and running on EFT in record time. A Globalscape certified professional will install and configure the solution, test it thoroughly, train your staff on basic operation and architecture, and document the settings.
  • EFT Migration Services - Migrating any server can be a complex project. The Professional Services team at Globalscape has the expertise needed to guide you through an EFT migration or upgrade process. Migration services include migrations from standalone implementations of EFT to a High Availability active-active cluster, migrations from on-premises to a cloud deployment, consolidating EFT servers, and migrating EFT to a different OS.
  • EFT In-Place Upgrade Service – In-Place EFT systems will need to be updated to a new version from time to time. This service assists our customers with EFT upgrades to help ensure a successful transition including system monitoring, backups, and training.
  • EFT Cutover Service – The EFT Cutover service is designed to assist customers during a critical go-live or cutover event. Our team will coordinating with stakeholders to build an action plan for the cutover along with a rollback plan. After the EFT migration goes live, we will monitor your system to ensure operations are working as expected.
  • EFT Health Check – This service is a recommended part of regular platform maintenance. It provides a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your existing EFT configuration for optimal performance. Our certified experts audit the system, document initial findings, make recommendations, and present best practices. They will also perform minor EFT maintenance as directed by the customer.
  • Product Branding – We will customize the EFT platform to match a customer’s corporate look and feel. This can include logos, fonts, colors, hyperlinks, and notification email formats.
  • EFT Expert Services – Ensuring the deployment of technology runs smoothly and optimally is one key to maximizing your cybersecurity investment and can minimize risk and disruption as your team adapts new functionality for your secure file transfer processes. Fortra's EFT Expert Services for GlobalScape EFT offers consultation on your ongoing projects, reviews of closed support projects, help with optimizing your solution's implementation, as well as delivering training for your key users.