Business Automation Development services are designed to help you increase efficiency and maximize your investment through automation within our EFT platform. We have a variety of services that meet the needs of most automation customers. Our team will partner with you to analyze, design, develop, test, and release automations of your key business process.

Using our Automation Development services allows you to:

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  • Minimize risk and delays when migrating or refactoring existing automation
  • Maintain budget control in a automation project
  • Adopt technology and gain business value in record time
  • Empower, coach/mentor, and grow in-house talent
  • Fix and troubleshoot business logic faster
  • Maximize business value in a cost-effective manner

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  • EFT Automation JumpStart - EFT Automation JumpStart is a flexible, cost-effective service that can help get your team up and running on EFT Automation event rules quickly. Our consultants combine their deep understanding of our EFT with a wealth of experience to help you prevent project delays and maximize the benefits of automation for EFT. EFT JumpStart provides consultation on business requirements, as well as training and development.
  • EFT Automation Development – EFT Automation Development is a full project base and turnkey solution with a fixed price and scope. It is designed to deliver automation development for customers who have pre-determined, specific business requirements. Our experienced consultants help your business extend current EFT core functionality using out-of-the-box event rules and our automation engine

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  • EFT Custom Report Services – Develop of custom reports for admin configuration and custom auditing data
  • API and System Integration Development – API development and System integration using APIs such as REST API, SOAP Web Services, and COM API
  • Scripting Development – Develop custom logic for admin management, custom scripting automation, tooling for maintenance, monitoring and management of EFT using PowerShell, VBScript, and JavaScript.
  • Web Development – Develop custom forms, portals, customizations to existing web Interfaces