Professional Services-Health Check

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to be confident that your IT systems are continuously performing at their best. This is especially crucial for your data transfer platform, which must be able to move data quickly, securely, and reliably. To ensure your business-critical data movements run smoothly, it is wise to give your Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform the equivalent of a regular wellness exam. Globalscape's Professional Services offers "Health Check," a system evaluation and optimization service. This service will assess whether your system is using best practices, running optimal security settings, and avoiding any redundancies or configuration issues that can slow it down.

This in-depth review and refresh of system performance is recommended annually or whenever the demands on your system change significantly. It’s also ideal when new IT administrators or managers come on board and want to be sure that their EFT system is running at its best.

A Health Check can be run remotely or on-site. The evaluation includes:

  • EFT performance and configuration evaluation
  • Best practices evaluation and recommendations
  • Examination of audit and log information to check for performance issues or abuse
  • Software audit and update installation, if needed
  • Configuration modification, if needed
  • Minor EFT server maintenance, if needed
  • Recommendations for optimization, new features, and future system needs
  • Report explaining findings and recommendations for remediation of any discovered issues