Globalscape EFT provides multi-layered security, customized for your business needs

No matter which of our Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solutions you start with, you'll get a robust MFT platform that

  • provides encryption at all data stages
  • features advanced compliance protections
  • processes files through antivirus and data loss prevention tools
  • tracks, reports, audits file transfers and more
Advanced and Express Security Modules

Advanced Authentication Modes Module

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The Advanced Authentication Modes Module (AAMM) Enables organizations to centralize their user access controls, improve productivity, increase adherence to security policies, and provides administrators with the ability to easily maintain password security in one location to quickly commission and decommission user provisions. AAMM provides SAML (WebSSO), RSA® SecurID®, RADIUS, and CAC support.

Regulatory Compliance Module

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The Regulatory Compliance Module (RCM) helps achieve or exceed security practices mandated by government and industry standards such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others for data transfer, access, and storage. RCM protects data in transit by enforcing the use of secure protocols, strong ciphers, encryption keys, and maintaining strict password policies.


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Secure ICAP Gateway

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Protecting data at rest and in transit is not enough of a safeguard when users can share sensitive information with unauthorized users. Secure ICAP Gateway for EFT prevents accidental or unwanted file sharing through content inspection, modification, and redaction. EFT can integrate with any ICAP compatible DLP/AV/Classifier, including Clearswift.

DMZ Gateway

DMZ Gateway®

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DMZ Gateway® is a multi-platform solution that works in conjunction with the Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT) platform to create a multi-layered security solution for data storage and retrieval, authentication, and firewall traversal. Using a two-way connection originating inside EFT, the DMZ Gateway acts as a communication proxy that replaces inherently insecure inbound connections from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to your network.  

Here’s how DMZ Gateway combines security and efficiency to protect your data:

  • Data isn’t stored in the DMZ
  • Virtual authentication
  • Supports all protocols allowed by EFT (FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2, HTTPS)
  • Transparent to your partners
  • No storage, synchronization, or replication of user database needed
  • Support for Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems
  • Support for Proxy Protocol – This allows for passthrough of the client IP across proxy servers and load balancers to the origin server (EFT). This makes it easier for EFT’s Denial of Services (DoS) prevent logic to ban the offending IP address, rather than that of the proxy, regardless of the underlying protocol (SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, etc.) 
OpenPGP Module

OpenPGP Module

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The OpenPGP module employs industry-standard OpenPGP technology to safeguard data at rest. The OpenPGP module uses a combination of strong public-key and symmetric cryptography to provide security services for electronic communications and data storage. These services include confidentiality, key management, authentication, and digital signatures. OpenPGP uses a public key and a private key to encrypt data and maintain security.

Get to Know Other Globalscape EFT Features

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