Workspaces Module For EFT™

Workspaces Puts You in Control of Who Has Access to Your Data at Rest and in Transit EFT™

Workspaces is a simple and intuitive file-sharing tool for organizations who need the flexibility of a person-to-person or ad hoc sharing with the security, control, and automation of an enterprise environment. Workspaces allows employees to invite users to share folders and their content without IT losing governance, visibility, or control. Workspaces includes multiple secure protocols, flexible authentication, and the flexibility and power of workflow automation, leveraging the highest levels of security, regulatory compliance, authentication, and data encryption aspects of the EFT platform.

IT Retains Full Control and Visibility

With Workspaces, you have immediate visibility into who shared which folders and with whom. Create and enable user accounts, sharing privileges, and folders for Workspaces from within the EFT administration interface. When users no longer need access, easily remove access to a shared folder, or configure the user profile to expire automatically. Generate preconfigured or custom reports to view file transfer status, activity, owner, permissions, and more.

Intuitive Tools For Secure File Sharing

Employees can share and access Workspaces folders through most modern browsers via the Web Transfer Client, or any supported client, such as CuteFTP®. Workspaces also offers integration with Microsoft Outlook® through an Outlook Add-In. IT administrators can manage file attachment offloading policies from within the EFT administration interface. The EFT Outlook Add-In requires little user training and eliminates the administration overhead of needing to create one-time-use FTP accounts.

Workspaces Features Include

  • Email files in Outlook or in the web browser securely
  • Pick up files in a secure web portal
  • Drop-off portal supports standard or Google reCAPTCHA
  • Reply to sent files within the web portal
  • Request files from external/internal users in a secure message
  • Manage files within Workspaces (such as move to another folder)
  • Guests are placed in a specific EFT Settings Template with limited access to folders
  • Restrict sending invitations to specific domains
  • Administrators can view and manage guest accounts in the administration interface
  • Generate reports of Workspaces invitation activity, and EFT Outlook Add-In activity
  • No file size or file type restrictions
  • Recipients do have to deal with keys or certificates
  • View and manage Workspaces activity in the EFT administration interface
  • Use Workspaces-related variables and Conditions in EFT Event Rules
  • Automatically expire Workspaces (from days to years)
  • Automatically disable or remove guest account after all of their associated Workspaces links have expired