Advanced Threat Protection and Adaptive Loss Prevention for MFT

Globalscape EFT + Clearswift

Today’s businesses utilize and share more data between internal users and trading partners than ever before. Without secure file transfer solutions in place, confidential information contained in files, whether clearly visible within the file or hidden within as metadata, can unfortunately be shared, either accidentally or maliciously. The file exchange process exposes organizations to malware or other threats if not properly secured prior to being sent safely.

When paired, Globalscape EFT and Clearswift data loss prevention can enable unprecedented levels of management and security when exchanging information.

Collaborating Securely

The need to collaborate has never been higher. Organizations that proactively secure more control over how information is shared internally and externally boost their cybersecurity stance. Managing the flow of data can be specifically defined as to how (and by which users) information gets exchanged through a web portal, traditional protocols, or even simply via network shares. A deep layer of inspection and sanitization can be achieved via data loss prevention tools that support standardized protocols, such as ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol), where additional file transfer controls can enforce adaptive security and compliance policies.

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)

Globalscape EFT, an enterprise Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution, streamlines how data gets exchanged between your systems, employees, customers, and your trading partners with singular control and extensive security settings, including detailed reporting and audit trails. Custom programs and scripts as well as single-function tools and laborious manual processes can be replaced with a user-friendly interface and automated, comprehensive workflow features. In addition, an MFT solution reduces costs, improves file transfer quality and security, and delivers easier data security compliance. MFT provides organizations with:

  •  Automation Ease: There’s no need for multiple products and scripts. With Globalscape’s automated workflows, you can quickly program when and how files should move between internal systems, users, or trading partners. Recurring or high-volume file transfers can also be handled automatically
  • Collaboration Security: Colleagues, customers, and trading partners can share business-critical information with a solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. In addition, Globalscape EFT can help address compliance requirement needs through its enterprisegrade security and audit logs.
  • Encryption and Compression Simplicity: The privacy and integrity of your data can be locked down, whether stored to disk or transmitted outside your organization. This encryption feature can also help organizations meet PCI DSS compliance, state privacy laws, and federal regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway

The Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway can enhance your infrastructure as well as meet the dual needs for data security and protection as well as collaboration ease. Clearswift is the market leader in delivering advanced threat protection and adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP) for managed file transfer. Organizations applying the deep content inspection of A-DLP and Advanced Threat protection technologies are better able to ensure the flow of information conforms to governance and compliance policies and regulations, as well as mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Deep Content Inspection

Clearswift’s deep content inspection offers amongst the highest detection rates and lowest impact. It is not limited by zip/ encryption, file size, analysis timing delays, virtual environment evasion techniques, or multiple embedded document layers.

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention is the non-disruptive removal or transformation of data according to policy (rules), to ensure that information shared complies with corporate security policies before it is ever sent to or received by the recipient (person, application, or system). This intelligent policy enforcement helps keep business moving, as it is applied to only the information that breaks policy and compliance regulations, allowing the rest of the business activity to continue. Adaptive DLP also sanitizes documents exchanged through MFT by stripping out hidden metadata and information that can be mined and used for targeted phishing attacks, or other cybercrime. In the past, many data loss prevention solutions could only offer a basic “yes” or “no” response to attempts to share information, as they did not disassemble, inspect, amend, or re-assemble content “in its original format.” A-DLP removes this barrier and ups the security factor by modifying the information in real-time to ensure only the acceptable level of information is shared and received, and that critical information remains safe.

Advanced Threat Protection

This feature automatically detects and strips out more hidden, but active content such as embedded malware, triggered executables, scripts or macros used to extract or hold sensitive data hostage. Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection sanitizes - without delaying delivery - as only malicious active content is removed. Once sensitive content is removed or redacted, the file transfer can continue without delay. This morph-free protection offers a safeguard against malware and ransomware (i.e., CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker, Dridex, Dyre, BlackEnergy, etc.) and guards against future sophisticated variants as well.

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Benefits for Today’s Businesses

  • Secure collaboration
  • Protection against cyber threats
  • Automation of vital business processes
  • Assurance of complete information control

HelpSystems Security Suite Highlights

Globalscape + Clearswift

Share critical information with an unprecedented level of management control and security. Together, Clearswift and HelpSystems provide an integrated, layered Advanced Threat Protection and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution for MFT. Its unique automated data redaction and sanitization layer ensures that information shared is only accessed by authorized parties and safe from malicious threats.