Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Gain real-time visibility into data movement

Give your admins, partners, and end users real-time activity monitoring via specially tailored dashboards. Admins can track corporate file transfers, review statistics, and query reports with this tool.

Real-time business activity monitoring

Real-time business activity monitoring

BAM provides real-time visibility of your important business transactions, including sensitive data transfers. Quickly see both the overview and details of your transaction status. BAM lets you and your stakeholders drill down for granular detail and provides powerful customized views for the transactions that are important to your business. This simple, yet powerful, dashboard is designed for both technical and business users alike and is the perfect solution for business activity monitoring in EFT.

Meet business-critical Service Level Agreements

Meet business-critical Service Level Agreements

BAM gives your administrative and support staff more freedom: curious stakeholders are no longer dependent on them to pull and send file activity monitoring. Quickly see which partners and internal applications have processed files through EFT.

BAM helps you meet your business critical Service Level Agreements (SLA). The BAM dashboard displays:

  • Customizable charts
  • Key performance indicators
  • Most active partners
  • Transaction trends
  • And much more
Give end users and partners visibility into their transactions

Give end users and partners visibility into their transactions

BAM provides monitoring software tools for end users and partners to track their own transfers, drastically reducing the frequent calls to your support center asking about transactions. If you need absolute visibility into data flow from your internal MFT transactions to your entire supply chain, BAM is the perfect monitoring solution.

BAM Training for EFT

Get a step-by-step walkthrough from our Professional Services team. Learn how to leverage BAM to its greatest potential in just four hours. We cover:

  • BAM administration
  • How to use BAM reports
  • Sharing BAM data with internal and external stakeholders

Reduce support calls when you implement BAM for EFT.

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