Data Transfer and Amazon Web Services: Security and Governance in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader in cloud infrastructure, providing a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate, experiment, and iterate. Instead of waiting weeks or months for hardware, you can instantly deploy new applications, scale up as your workload grows, or scale down based on demand.

However, like many methods of moving data, standard FTP/SFTP software does not have the advanced features necessary for enterprise file transfers over cloud infrastructures. Managed file transfer (MFT) software provides IT admins with the ability to monitor and control the flow of data from your cloud services, providing security, governance, and automation so you can get the most out of your AWS infrastructure.

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A Robust Secure Data Exchange Platform

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) is a MFT platform that sits at the edge of your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) network. Globalscape EFT has a long list of protocol, authentication, and security options, which allows greater flexibility in meeting unique partner or internally driven requirements. EFT offers the best of both worlds—the full functionality of an on-premises MFT suite with the convenience of a cloud-based deployment—giving you a faster, more reliable way to manage all file transfer activity from a central hub.  

Organizations can deploy this data transfer in the cloud without losing any features, functionality, or, most importantly, security on the on-premises solution. You don't need to have your own infrastructure and server hardware to deploy an enterprise-level MFT solution. Instead, you can build and scale EFT in the cloud, using Amazon EC2 instances. Learn how to get started with your cloud-based deployment in our knowledgebase article, “AWS EFT Usage Instructions.”  

Globalscape EFT offers the following benefits for organizations using EC2 instances in AWS:

Increased Efficiency

The powerful but easy-to-create file transfer automation rules in EFT can be defined to integrate incoming data with back-end systems within the same Amazon VPC, with your data center accessed through a VPN connection, or pushed to another partner using industry-standard secure protocols. The result: you’ll spend less time managing data exchanges and more time and resources on other mission-critical projects. EFT also provides easy to use secure file sharing features, including the Workspaces module for team collaboration or virtual deal rooms.


EFT can be customized with optional modules, such as the OpenPGP module for advanced encryption or Content Integrity Control (CIC) for integration with your existing DLP and AV solutions. With CIC, you can ensure that transfers are free of viruses/malware, employees are not sharing confidential/proprietary information, and that no transfers contain non-public information.

Data Transfers on the Go

Partners can deposit files using a dedicated client application that supports SFTP or FTP, a modern web browser using HTTPS and HTML5, or the mobile client for EFT, which includes built-in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) controls for file access, preview, and sharing.

Compliance Controls

Whether your business is obligated to comply with government or corporate security policies and privacy regulations, including PCI DSSFIPS 140-2HIPAA, and SOX, or you simply desire the highest in security standards, EFT can help you secure data exchanges, access, and storage.

Interested in testing Globalscape EFT with your AWS infrastructure? Download a free 15-day trial today, and learn how easy it is to manage your data.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resources

One of the largest music publishers in the United States had to maintain a complex workflow of daily corporate tasks. One such process involved tracking each instance of a song playing on radio stations and online streaming services, processing and reconciling that data, and then issuing invoices to sources and payments to artists. Each data source adhered to its own unique format, and extensive work had to be done to transform that data into a consistent format for further processing by internal applications.

Learn how one of the largest music publishers deployed the cloud implementation of Globalscape EFT in High Availability with the Advanced Workflow Engine module using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using AWS with Globalscape’s cloud implementation of EFT, the organization achieved the following:

  • Facilitated a between Linux-based SAP system and Windows-based Rights Management Services (RMS)
  • Simplified complex workflows with automation
  • Reduced strain on existing systems and scale to meet growth

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