Secure file sharing is a protected method of transferring data between users or organizations. Whether you are sending one file or a group of files, secure file sharing uses encryption and restricted authorization to help ensure data security and privacy. This provides businesses with a safe way to transmit files to users inside and outside of a corporate network.


WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN SECURE FILE SHARINGTo identify the right corporate secure file sharing solution, you need to understand your business’ current data, including the type, size, and volume of the data you expect to manage. Many businesses have several data sources and remote locations with which they exchange data, including secure file sharing with clients. An effective secure file sharing system will help you centralize the management of file sharing, which will improve data security as well as operational efficiency.

The right secure file sharing service provides the following benefits:

Empowers users with easy-to-use, robust features and functionality

  • Fully customizable for advanced levels of control, efficiency, analytics, and reporting
  • Shares files of any kind via any web browser
  • Provides all users with access to edit, upload, and download both folders and files
  • Anytime, anywhere access to files enables employees to be productive from any location and with most mobile devices

Gives IT full control and visibility

  • Provides permission controls and operational visibility for enhanced network and data security like, 128-bit SSL encryption in transit or 256-bit AES encryption at rest
  • IT administrator can maintain full control and visibility over who can access, edit and update folders or files. This can enable collaboration while reducing security vulnerabilities.

Compliance controls

  • Secure file sharing solutions can offer controls and features that help facilitate compliance with mandates such as PCI DSS, HITECH, SOX, HIPAA, or GDPR, including security tools, auditing, and reporting capabilities.

Reduce likelihood of shadow IT

  • End-users often take matters into their own hands and employ unsanctioned applications when an efficient, sanctioned alternative is not available. This means they could be using insecure, outdated, and noncompliant file transfer methods. By providing a user-friendly secure file sharing solution to your organization, you can reduce the likelihood of shadow IT.
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