Securely exchange protected health information

Protect data security and abide by standards established by HIPAA, HITECH, and others when transferring patient files. Transfer any file, any size, without missing a byte. You can update patient files from a desktop or mobile device, protect files in transit and in storage, scan files for malware or proprietary information, and exchange files with patients and remote healthcare partners using a Microsoft Outlook add-in or a web browser.

  Secure File Transfer


Collaborate on patient care across the globe

Securely share patient information with other healthcare workers while keeping private information private. Create a "paper trail" to track patient care, collaborate across domains between multiple organizations, make decisions faster with minimal latency and real-time operational data, easily locate files, eliminate errors, and eliminate slow, cumbersome collaboration.

  Wide Area Files Services (WAFS)


Monitor and control the sharing of medical information

Globalscape solutions can help maintain the compliance of your data network by configuring, deploying, and managing information and policies from a central location. Monitor information in real time and control access to information, auditing files at all points of contact, restricting partner and vendor access, and storing files securely while still providing access.

  Track File Movement