EFT for Healthcare

Ensure compliance and visibility into data with secure data exchange

EFT for Healthcare Features:

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  • Secure and compliant data management
  • Seamless system and data integration
  • Enhanced, multi-layered security
  • Automation and workflow management
  • Centralized platform for operational visibility
  • Real-time activity monitoring and tracking
  • Scalability for evolving IT infrastructure needs
  • Securely transferred and stored data
EFT for Healthcare

EFT for Healthcare:

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Secure data exchange solutions help healthcare organizations manage and share data from any device while ensuring people that should have access, get access. Globalscape’s managed file transfer solution, Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) for Healthcare keeps data safe, while helping to maintain compliance for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

EFT for Healthcare assists organizations who must have a HIPAA secure file transfer solution to abide by the following tenets:

  • Data must be secure from unauthorized access
  • Data must be safeguarded against unauthorized modification
  • Data must be accessible when and to whom it is required
Secure, Compliant, and Efficient Data Management

Secure, Compliant, and Efficient Data Management

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EFT for Healthcare aids organizations in overall data management, while helping to keep data visible, achieve greater data security, and better manage and track compliance mandates.

With EFT for Healthcare in place, healthcare professionals can focus on helping colleagues, patients, or business partners, while providing worry-free, compliant data exchanges.

Ensure Compliance Throughout Your Organization

Ensure Compliance Throughout Your Organization

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Healthcare organizations are subject to a number of regulations, specifically HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DCSS. EFT for Healthcare is designed to help facilitate compliance by providing encryption for better data protection, complete visibility over data through a centralized platform, and improved accuracy and reliability with automated data transfers.

Easy for End Users, Secure for You

Easy for End Users, Secure for You

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Data security policies are only as good as an end user’s compliance. If the secure file transfer solution is not as intuitive and easy to use, end users will look to other less secure methods to transfer sensitive data. From easy web browsers to secure mobile access for BYOD security, to secure, large file sharing via email, EFT for Healthcare provides a full range of HIPAA-secure data exchange options to choose from, ensuring end user acceptance of your policies.

EFT for Healthcare Includes:

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DMZ Gateway

Provides the Ability to Move Your MFT Solution Out of the DMZ and Inside Your Firewall

Advanced Workflow

Automates Data Transfer Processes, Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency

Content Integrity Controls

Enhances Security by Integrating with Antivirus or DLP Tools to Files Being Transferred

Web Transfer Client

Allows End Users to Transfer Files from Any Web Browser

Auditing and Reporting Module

Provides Robust Visibility and Reporting Capabilities for your Data

Advanced Security Module

Provides Multi-Layered Security to Help You Meet or Exceed Your Security and Compliance Requirements

PGP Module

Protect Data at Rest with Strong Public Key and Symmetric Cryptography


Securely Share Large Files with Enhanced Visibility and Control