Web Transfer Client (WTC)

Exchange files with from anywhere using almost any web browser

EFT offers a powerful thin browser client that provides broad compatibility with diverse trading partners, called the Web Transfer Client (WTC). The WTC can be used by any trading partner using virtually any modern browser. This connectivity option means lower cost and increased flexibility to your partners, reduced setup and implementation times, zero maintenance, and connection from any computer connected to the Internet.

Feature Rich Client

Feature Rich Client

  • Small footprint— easy on system resources
  • Thin client deploys automatically
  • Works in most browsers
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and OS X
  • Validate transfer success with automatic data integrity checksums
  • Guarantee delivery of interrupted transfers using manual or automatic checkpoint restart
  • Drag ‘n drop file transfers (in certain browsers)
  • Multiple concurrent transfers for fast delivery
  • Transfer queue support for management of transactions
  • Transfer files of any size
System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Browsers
  • Internet Explorer v10 or later
  • Firefox v29 or later
  • Chrome v35 or later
  • Safari v8 or later
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled