Web Transfer Client™

Industry Problem

The ability to effectively exchange data between business partners has never been more important. There are challenges, however, with ensuring that the information needed to drive your business is readily available to the people who need it most. Many solutions are proprietary, or platform specific, making improving current processes or implementing new ones difficult to justify. Not all trading partners are willing or able to make the additional investment in hardware, software, or time required to interface with your IT systems.

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server® Solution

GlobalSCAPE’s EFT Server solves these problems by providing a variety of partner connectivity options including a built-in Web transfer client that works in any browser and environment, and requires no system changes or additional hardware or software to install.

Web transfer Client

EFT Server’s Web transfer client is the ideal choice if ease of use and transparent deployment are priorities. Thin client connectivity ensures broad compatibility, allowing you to support any partner without requiring them to invest in the purchase, implementation or training of an installed client solution. It deploys automatically and can be used by any trading partner, with virtually any OS and Web browser.

Additional Connectivity Options

EFT Server supports a wide variety of industry standard Internet protocols, so your trading partners can connect using the method of choice, whether existing or new. EFT Server is flexible enough to successfully work with any third party client that supports the appropriate protocols, or GlobalSCAPE’s own professional file transfer clients, for Windows and Macintosh platforms, which offer the maximum benefits by working together with EFT Server’s extended feature set.

Partner Benefits

  • Cross Platform (Widows or Mac versions available)
  • Multi-protocol support (FTP over SSL/TLS, SFTP(SSH2), AND HTTP/S)
  • Automatic and manual checkpoint restart
  • Data integrity checking (XCRC)
  • Simultaneous transfer of up to 100 files
  • Multi-part (segmented) transfer acceleration technology
  • Compressed (streaming compression) technology
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Low cost per seat