Looking for a Proofpoint Secure Share End of Life Alternative?

With Proofpoint’s Secure Share file exchange solution reaching end of life, you might find yourself in search of an alternative secure file transfer (SFT) solution. Fortunately, Fortra’s Globalscape Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions are an ideal replacement to meet your unique business needs. 

Changing secure file transfer solutions may seem like an intimidating task, but the good news is you can use this as an opportunity to also improve your secure file transfer processes. We have outlined some important considerations for transitioning SFT software vendors here, but this blog will highlight why Globalscape is an impressive Proofpoint Secure Share alternative. 

Similarities With Proofpoint Secure Share 

Like Secure Share, Globalscape is designed to help organizations securely share and exchange data both internally and externally. It can also safeguard data both at rest and in motion by specifying how data files are treated in a particular context. This allows you to be better equipped to safeguard sensitive information and avoid data breaches. 

Enhance Your File Transfer Process 

Globalscape is a comprehensive but user-friendly solution that helps meet the ever-changing security and compliance needs surrounding data security. Here are just a few of the ways Globalscape can elevate your file transfers: 

  • Ease of use – Simple interface for non-technical users to send, receive and request files via the web interface, removing large files from your email infrastructure 
  • Flexibility – Email-based workflows or a more collaborative, project-based approach available in the same tool, same controls, same admin 
  • Workflow automation and folder monitoring without scripting – Eliminate time consuming tasks by automating your data exchange processes to send email notifications, copy and move files automatically, or monitor folder changes 
  • Built-in compliance controls – Meet the secure data transfer requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, with encryption at rest and in transit and additional controls 
  • Two-factor authentication – Get an added layer of security with easy configuration and set up of two-factor authentication with Globalscape to meet your own compliance policy and that of your customers 
  • Auditing and reporting – Capture all the transfers within your environment and perform robust analysis with preconfigured or custom reports 
  • Options for AV scanning of inbound files and DLP controls on outbound files – Ensure that your secure file sharing solution is not the weak link in your security perimeter with advanced threat protection and adaptive data loss prevention 
  • Deployment flexibility – Choose your preferred deployment methodology: on-premises, in the cloud, within your own hybrid environment, or even as MFTaaS 

If you find yourself looking for a Proofpoint Secure Share alternative, be sure to consider Globalscape due to its end-to-end encryption capabilities, comprehensive reporting, and integration with existing security protocols.