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Included Included     Enterprise Only N/A

Features EFT Express EFT Enterprise EFT Arcus
Legacy protocols (FTPS) Included Included Included**
Secure protocols (SFTP) Module Included Included
B2B protocols (AS2) Module Module Included**
Web and Mobile (HTTPS) Module Included Included
Built-in Included Included Included
Active-Directory Included* Included Included**
Federated (SAML) Not Included Module Included**
Multi-Factor (2FA/MFA) Module Included Included**
Delegation (admin roles) Not Included Included Included
Standard security controls Included Included Included
Advanced security controls Module Module Included
Data sanitization (wipe) Module Module Included
Data encryption (at rest) Module* Included Included
Integrate with DLP, AV, Classifiers Module Included Included
Audit logs Included Included Included
Reporting tools Module Module Included
DMZ Gateway proxy Module Module Not Included
Standard triggers and actions Included Included Included
Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Not Included Module Included**
Cloud integrations Module Module Included
Remote agents Not Included Module Included**
Run process actions Included Included Not Included
PCI DSS features Module Module Included**
GDPR (privacy) features Module Module Included**
FIPS certified crypto Module Module Included
SOC 2 Type 1 certified Not Included Not Included Included
HA cluser Not Included Module Included**
HelpSystems managed Not Included Not Included Included

*This Express feature may be limited in some fashion: AD supported natively, not via LDAP. Encrypted storage limited to Windows Encrypted Folders (EFS), vs. EFT's encrypted folders feature.

**This Arcus feature may be limited in some fashion, may be tier dependent, or may require assistance to configure. FTPS requires assistance. AD leverages LDAP (not native AD). MFA and Advanced Workflow Actions are only available to the Premium tier. Remote agents limited by tier. PCI/GDPR report features not available without assistance. HA cluster only in Custom and Premium tiers.