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Features EFT Express EFT Enterprise
FTP Core Server
SSL/TLS & Certificate Management Included Included
Authenticate users against internal or external data sources Included Included
Active Directory authentication including user impersonation Included Included
Resource & access controls Included Included
Secure remote administration of settings & users Included Included
Execute a process or send an email based on the triggering of an event Included Included
Full IPV4, IPv6 and Windows Server 2012 Gold Certified Included Included
Security policies and controls Included Included
Runs on virtual machines (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, etc.) Included Included
Encrypted folders - EFT's built-in secure data at rest solution to encrypt folders in the VFS Not Included Included
EFS - encrypt data at rest using Windows' Streaming repository encryption (EFS) Optional Optional
LDAP Authentication integration Not Included Included
Delegated administration to limit admin control Not Included Included
Backup and restore configurations easily with a single click Not Included Included
SFTP Module
SFTP transfers Optional Included
SSH Key-based Authentication Optional Included
Express Security Module (ESM)
Active monitoring and alerting of PCI DSS violations Optional Not Included
Run PCI DSS compliance reports Optional Not Included
FIPS Compliant Libraries Optional Not Included

Advanced security including data sanitization (wiping)
and idle account cleanup

Optional Not Included

Integration with Antivirus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
using ICAP

Optional Not Included
Advanced Security Module (ASM)
Active monitoring and alerting of PCI DSS violations Not Included Optional
Run PCI DSS compliance reports Not Included Optional
FIPS Compliant Libraries Not Included Optional

Advanced security including data sanitization (wiping)
and idle account cleanup

Not Included Optional

Integration with Antivirus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
using ICAP

Not Included Optional
RADIUS, RSA® SecurID® (Two-Factor authentication) Not Included Optional
CAC authentication Not Included Optional
SMS authentication Not Included Optional
SAML (Web SSO) authentication that integrates seamlessly with your IdP Not Included Optional
HTTP/S transfers Optional Included
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) - web security policy to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie highjacking Optional Included
Mobile-Friendly Web interface Optional Included
Use Web Services (WS) calls to invoke workflows Optional Included
Web Transfer Client (WTC) - included with HTTP/S Module
File Transfer integrity Checks Optional Included
Session Transfer Queue Optional Included
Resume, Stop, Start Transfers Optional Included
Drag and Drop interface Optional Included
Workspaces Module

Ability to share EFT folders with colleagues or external partners
easily via browser and EFT Outlook Add-In (Ad hoc, person-to-person file transfer)

Optional Optional
Mobile Transfer Client (MTC)
Android and iOS Mobile Apps allows for data synchronization Optional Included
OpenPGP Module
Encrypt, decrypt, and sign data with OpenPGP Optional Optional
DMZ Gateway®
Add an additional security layer by using a reverse proxy Optional Optional
Add an additional security layer by using a forward (outbound) socks 5 proxy Not Included Optional
Auditing & Reporting Module (ARM)
Audit to SQL Server and run reports Optional Optional
Audit to Oracle instead of SQL Server Not Included Optional
AS2 Protocol Module
Send and receive EDI documents using the AS2 protocol Not Included Optional
UserAccount Action - for requests in which users might ask that an organization remove all traces of their account. Included Included
Schedule automated workflows on a recurring basis (Timer module required for Express) Optional Included
Copy/Move files (File Transfer Client required for Express) Optional Included
Download/Upload files (File Transfer Client required for Express) Optional Included
Cleanup of monitored folders (Folder Monitor module required for Express) Optional Included
Monitor inbound and outbound file transfers in real time Not Included Included
Data retention/cleanup policies for targeted folders Not Included Included

Quickly connect to AWS or Azure storage moving data from on-premises to the cloud
or from EFT in the cloud to a separate instance of cloud storage. (Cloud Connector Module required for Express)

Optional Included
Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE)

Build advanced workflows and pick from over 400 automation actions, including XML/CSV
parsing, database connectivity, SNMP, web services, etc.

Not Included Optional
Accelerate Module

The Accelerate module for EFT Enterprise enables high-speed transfers over high latency
networks using a patented technology over UDP.

Not Included Optional
Insight module

Business and operational intelligence platform providing visibility
into server health, file transfers, event rules, and compliance.

Not Included Optional
Remote Agent module

Provides centralized control for automating transactions
from distributed systems; automate interactions between branch
offices, point-of-sale terminals, business partners, field agent
laptops, or other remote systems and your EFT server residing at your corporate office.

Not Included Optional
High Availability
Active-active clustering capability to ensure business continuity Not Included Optional