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Allow secure connections from FTPS clients

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What is FTPS?

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FTPS, short for File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS, is a secure file transfer protocol that is more secure than standard FTP. SSL, FTPS’s security mechanism, has been replaced by TLS (Transport Security Layer), which encrypts your server connections when transferring data. FTPS also uses strong encryption algorithms like AES and Triple DES to encrypt file transfers during exchange.

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Secure Connections & File Transfers with FTPS

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With the FTPS module, Globalscape EFT validates the integrity of transmitted data, allows certain encryption algorithms for maximum security, or allows all available types for maximum flexibility. X.509 certificates are then used to authenticate connections with trading partners and other users.

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Unlike some other file transfer protocols, including SFTP, FTPS uses multiple port numbers to connect securely to your trading partners, customers, and users. Using multiple ports in this way can open your network and systems to vulnerabilities, but these drawbacks can be avoided by implementing an FTPS solution that safeguards your systems, like MFT.

  • SFTP and FTPS are both more secure than FTP
  • FTPS uses multiple ports while SFTP uses one
  • FTPS is generally considered faster than SFTP
  • Using multiple ports can make FTPS difficult to implement quickly
Globalscape EFT For Your FTPS Needs

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Globalscape EFT, a secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution, offers the FTPS module. Globalscape EFT’s MFT solution facilitates using FTPS for your organization’s secure file transfer needs with automation, auditing, and auto-resume features.

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