Changes in 7.3.2

 August 30, 2016

Administrator Interface (AI):
  • Admin GUI warns users when they are close to or have exceeded number of CAL users
Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM):
  • Audit originating IP for load-balanced HTTP(S) connections
Web Interfaces – General:
  • Changed Web Transfer Client licensing from concurrent base to client access license (CAL)
Web Interfaces – Web Transfer Client (HTML5):
  • Webclient updated to 1.2.2 build 2

  • Warning Banner added to indicate if CAL is exceeded
Protocols - General:
  • Update SSL lib to 1.0.2h
  • EFT log erroneously reports “Error cfg.write can't save server settings”
  • EFT with DMZ crashes on begin transfer file by FXP
  • Crash in HTTP session manager
  • Crash in the CommandAccess internals when saving command execution results to log file
Administrator Interface (AI):
  • Failed Event Rule downloads using Wildcard do not appear in status tab
  • Windows 2012 R2: Admin GUI crashes with coredump.
  • When clicking on a help topic the software posts a script error
  • Admin GUI may crash on close
  • Admin GUI hang scenario when attempting to stop an FTPS event rule transfer
Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE):
  • GSAWE.exe process deadlock
Client (Outbound):
  • SFTP authentication failed when connecting to remote server running WingFTP 4.6.2 using Public Key+Password auth
  • EFT Transfer Client does not use server-wide supported cipher list and protocol versions when retrieving remote listing over SSL-based protocols
Connection Profiles:
  • The Test Button on the Connection Profiles does not connect when using DMZ as Proxy
Event Rules:
  • Event timer calculates the incorrect next run time at begin DST hour
  • "Rename transferred file to"-function is not working when destination file size/crc is equal to the original value
  • A folder monitor event rule stops invoking events after 1000 files are rejected by condition.
High Availability (HA):
  • Deadlock in EventRuleQueue in clustered EFT on server startup
  • Deadlock occurring during load balanced event rule startup
  • High CPU usage with a lot of user connections
  • Event Rule Load Balanced threads are blocking for extended periods of time
  • EFT throws unhandled exception at back up
  • Cannot change event rule comment by GUI when message size exceeds MSMQ limitation
  • MTC crashes the EFT Service when attempting to use a custom branding