How Globalscape Helps the Retail Industry

Globalscape EFT Secures Customer Data for the Retail Industry 

Protecting customer data integrity is crucial for the retail industry. Data breaches are no joke, especially when a company’s reputation is on the line. There really is no room for error when highly sensitive credit card data and other personal information could be compromised by hackers at any moment. 

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) helps retail organizations thrive by helping them meet the critical compliance requirements they’re accountable for, securing the integrity of private customer data, eliminating manual processes, and more. 

What is Globalscape EFT? 

Globalscape EFT is a secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution that simplifies and streamlines the exchange of authorized data between retail organizations and their trading partners. 

It safeguards data at rest and in transit, while meeting the requirements for information security required by PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and 409 (SOX), and more. 

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How Does Globalscape Safeguard & Simplify File Transfers? 

Globalscape simplifies and secures file transfer operations for those in the retail industry by doing the following: 

  • Translating and converting data to and from popular formats like EDI and XML 
  • Running on key platforms like Windows, IBM i, AIX, UNIX and Linux 
  • Supporting secure protocols like FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S) 
  • Encrypting data using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES and Triple DES algorithms 
  • Meeting popular encryption methods like Open PGP and Zip with AES 
  • Complying with PCI DSS file transfer requirements and other primary mandates: SOX, Federal and State business tax codes, Non-Bank Financial Services Rule, and Federal Trade Commission regulations 

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File Transfers for the Retail Industry 

Secure file sharing is utilized by the retail industry on a daily basis to: 

  • Secure data transfers and the integrity of private data required by SOX 
  • Protect data in compliance with PCI DSS 
  • Safeguard data at rest and in transit 
  • Meet FTC regulations for tax filings, inventory controls, and price monitoring 
  • Ensure that tax filings are based on secure, reliable, and confirmable information 
  • Implement internal policies that conform to Non-Bank Financial Services Rule 
  • Maintain the security and integrity of file transmissions 
  • Control access to sensitive documents with user and group roles 
  • Automate and manage file transfers via a web-friendly dashboard 
  • Centralize file transfer processes to control file access 
  • Support transferring EDI files to and from AS2 trading partners 
  • Streamline file transfer processes and workflows 
  • Authenticate users so only intended parties can access data 
  • Reduce costs and free up staff 

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Real Ways Globalscape Has Helped Retail Organizations 

Globalscape has worked with numerous retail organizations over the years to save them time, money, and transfer sensitive customer data securely without error. 

Here are some examples of how Globalscape helps retail organizations to improve their file transfers: 

Online Retailer 

This online retailer’s existing homegrown file transfer system left them vulnerable to a wide range of risks, from productivity declines to an insufficiently protected network. To better position their business, they wanted to find a solution that offered the following: 

  • A single platform for management, monitoring, and tracking 
  • Integration-ready solution with business-critical applications for full operational visibility 
  • A cost-effective and budget-friendly solution  

The online retailer needed a quick and problem-free transition to their new enterprise-level managed file transfer solution, and the transition needed to be achieved without any interference to their daily operations. 

After an analysis of their infrastructure and a discussion about their goals and file transfer requirements – the decision was made to deploy Globalscape EFT to streamline the retailer’s file transfer processes and decommission their existing file transfer system. 

The retailer liked the large feature set of Globalscape EFT, including the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) module which simplified their complicated data transfer workflows. EFT also gave the online retailer the ability to provide high availability in Active-Active clustering. 

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Global Retail Brand 

This global, upscale retail brand’s legacy MFT system was unreliable and often caused the retail brand to miss service-level agreements (SLAs). The company also had problems reliably exchanging files with their offshore manufacturing facilities, global distribution centers, and central distribution clearinghouse.  

The company transitioned to EFT Enterprise, adopting Globalscape’s advanced automation system Event Rules.  Transitioning to EFT Enterprise allowed the company to not only meet those crucial SLAs and business continuity policies, but also to streamline the originally complicated and manual workflows for Human Resources (HR) and payroll. With their new MFT solution in place, the incoming HR and payroll data automatically transfers to the appropriate department file location on the network. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Saves $100,000 in maintenance and support costs 
  • Meets SLAs through secure, automated file transfers 
  • Streamlines processes by eliminating an inefficient legacy MFT system 

National Retailer 

This major national retail corporation adopted Globalscape EFT as their MFT solution of choice.  

The retail organization chose to deploy the solution in Azure, for the low cost and speed of deployment. Additionally, the IT admin appreciated that he could deploy the solution on-premises or in the cloud, and that the solution featured a 25 percent less total cost of ownership over three years versus competing solutions. 

Key Benefits:  

  • Allows users to share folders and their files between internal and external partners quickly and easily while IT retains control of the data 
  • Provides the highest levels of security, regulatory compliance, flexible authentication, and data encryption
  • Provides the only file, sync, and share solution that supports customizable workflow automation 

Luxury Retailer 

Like many organizations, a U.S. based luxury retail fashion brand needed to manage sensitive employee data for its HR department, in addition to managing its strategic business analytics data for its marketing department. 

The company’s existing managed file transfer system did not integrate well with either department’s application, which led to constant outages, failed file transfers, and an increase in overall inefficiencies during the company’s daily data exchange processes. 

The luxury retail fashion brand deployed EFT Enterprise to manage both sides of the secure file transfer process, between the company and its cloud-based applications. To address the high volume and complex flow of data, EFT’s high availability, “Active-Active” configuration provided a secure and reliable backup to both cloud-based applications. Through the advanced automation system that comes with EFT Enterprise, the luxury retail company automated auditing and reporting processes to further enhance visibility over network activity, while also supporting the company’s stringent security and compliance guidelines. 

The rapid deployment and integration of EFT Enterprise ensured that the luxury retail fashion brand could get the optimal use out of both cloud-based applications. The company’s HR department also gained additional visibility and security through EFT Enterprise, ensuring that all sensitive data remained secure and compliant. 

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Are Your File Transfers PCI DSS Compliant? 

Stay ahead of PCI DSS compliance requirements for your important data transfers with a MFT solution like Globalscape EFT.