Should You Be Using File Encryption Software?

Should You Be Using File Encryption Software?  

It’s important for all organizations of all sizes to safeguard their sensitive data and keep it out of the hands of malicious actors. Many choose to take advantage of file encryption software, one of the best and most straightforward ways to protect data both in transit and at rest.  

What is Encryption?  

Encryption is a method of keeping information secure by encoding it in a way that only you and the recipient know how to “unlock.” It works by using complex algorithms to jumble the data being sent. The encrypted content is then decrypted using a key provided by the sender of the message. 

Only parties authorized to receive the decryption key will have access to the data, so the encrypted information remains confidential. 

The effectiveness of an encryption method to transfer files securely depends on three factors: 

  1. The strength of the encryption algorithm or how complex the algorithm is – as in how difficult it will be to crack. 

  1. The length of the key – a type of password made up of a randomized string of bits. The more bits, the more difficult it is to “lockpick.” 

  1. How suitable your chosen encryption method is for the type of work it’s doing, or the appropriateness of the encryption system selected. 

How Are Files Encrypted? 

Files are encrypted by a mix of encryption standards. Most are frequently reserved for specific industries, while others are compatible with specific databases. 

The most popular encryption standards are Zip with AES, Open PGP, SFTP (SSH – Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (FTP over SSL – Secure Sockets Layer), AS2, and MFT (Managed File Transfer).  

Choosing the right encryption method for you depends on factors like:  

  • The encryption standards your trading partners support or require. 

  • Whether the files should be encrypted at rest, whether the connection or channel itself should be encrypted, or both. 

  • How large the files are and whether they should be compressed. 

  • The sensitivity of the data you’re exchanging. 

  • How you’re transmitting the data. 

What is File Encryption Software?  

File encryption software is software that uses cryptology in order to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. The software helps to streamline the movement of data, keeps the content of your files secure, and eliminates the need for using alternative vulnerable methods. 

Why Should You Use File Encryption Software?  

Without using file encryption software, your files are much more at risk, complying with regulations will ultimately be more difficult, and security can be compromised across the board. 

Encryption is hands down the best method to keep data secure and is chock full of benefits, including: 

  • Layers of data protection and security across devices – Your data is only as safe as the file encryption software you select. Using the right one can provide both you, your organization, and trading partners with peace of mind. 

  • Security across devices – File encryption software ensures that data is encrypted with the same protections in place, no matter if data is stored on a desktop or mobile device.  

  • The secure movement of data – Effective file encryption software helps to ensure that data is protected no matter where it’s at in its journey.  

  • Better data integrity – Effective file encryption software helps to ensure that data is being kept safe from alterations. Recipients of the data can also see if data has been tampered with. File movement and user access auditing also gives you better insight into how your data is being shared, stored, and accessed.

  • Simplified compliance – File encryption software helps organizations to meet essential compliance regulations with its hefty security standards.  

Globalscape as a File Encryption Tool 

Using an MFT solution like Globalscape EFT (Enhanced File Transfer) can cover your file encryption needs – including secure transfer and storage – and other security requirements your business can benefit from. With Globalscape EFT, you can protect your files thanks to automation, audit and reporting features, and advanced security thanks to encryption and a DMZ Gateway.   

Utilizing the right method like a MFT solution Globalscape EFT can work in your favor to bolster cybersecurity efforts and keep your data protected from accidental exposure, internal threats, and deliberate attacks.  

No matter what you and your trading partners need when it comes to encryption, securing your file transfers is easier with Globalscape by your side.