Counter Common Enterprise Risks with Managed File Transfer

Countering Common Enterprise Risks with Managed File Transfer

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Cyberspace poses huge challenges in enterprise risk management. Our infographic details how much is at stake without solid data file transfer protection in place.

Enterprise risk has reached critical mass across a global economy that has become increasingly reliant upon digital systems and processes to succeed. Between cybersecurity shortcomings, compliance violations, and administrative inefficiencies, companies have a lot to look out for when protecting their operations against costly pitfalls and reputational damages.

An all-in-one solution

With such a hazardous environment to navigate, leaders in all sectors must actively combat risk with dedicated software solutions that address these concerns head-on. Thankfully, managed file transfer (MFT) software doubles as a security safeguard and a risk management platform, offering multi-layered data protection for the enterprise.

Cyberthreats abound

The data breach boom is no secret, and with research predicting cybercrime will cost the world over $6 trillion annually by 20211, the argument for bolstering security has plenty of backing in boardrooms everywhere. With an MFT solution protecting their digital assets by using end-to-end encryption and secure, automated workflows, companies can confidently tackle mission-critical objectives while ensuring their data is safe from harm.

Compliance crackdowns

The officials behind PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX have made their expectations crystal clear for all organizations built on a digital footprint. While 66 percent of companies have increased their compliance staff to keep up with these evolving standards, only 37 percent have satisfied the complete set of PCI requirements. Employing an MFT solution can put an organization on the fast track to total compliance by boosting accountability, clarifying audit trails, and providing real-time file tracking across the infrastructure.

Administrative scares

It’s not hard for modern employees to get their hands on file sharing tools that let them disperse critical files throughout the enterprise and beyond. These unauthorized apps pose major risks for any company housing sensitive files, not to mention the administrative difficulties that arise from tracking and organizing the information across these fragmented databases. An MFT solution empowers administrators and end-users alike with a centralized control platform for fast and safe transfers.


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