SFTP Module for EFT™

SSH File Transfer protocol (SFTP) is a platform-independent, secure transfer protocol that is a crucial component of security measures and compliance mandates for organizations, worldwide. Many business partners, vendors and others prefer SFTP as a secure method of communication instead of FTP. The SFTP module for the Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform enables authentication and secure file transfers with SFTP clients, such as CuteFTP® file transfer software.
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EFT with the SFTP module validates the integrity of transmitted data, allows certain encryption algorithms for maximum security, or allows all available types for maximum flexibility. You can create key pairs, manage keys, import/export keys, and specify the allowed key (identify file) for a user account. You can specify whether connecting clients and trading partners supply a public key (identify file) for dual-factor authentication, in addition to standard password authentication.


SFTP provides a single connection port for transversal of firewalls, with one-click setup, cross platform support, maximum connectivity coverage, enhanced management of keys, ciphers, and MACs, and greater identity protection through public key authentication. Builtin file-integrity checking and detailed logging determine exact reasons for success or failure of SFTP sessions. The SFTP module is included in EFT Enterprise. SFTP can be enabled in EFT SMB with the purchase of the module.

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