EFT for Retail

Safeguard your customer data with secure data exchange

EFT for Retail Features:

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  • Secure and compliant data management
  • Seamless system and data integration
  • Enhanced, multi-layered security
  • Automation and workflow management
  • Centralized platform for operational visibility
  • Real-time activity monitoring and tracking
  • Scalability for evolving IT infrastructure needs
  • Securely transferred and stored data
Exchange Structured Business Data Securely Over HTTP or HTTPS

Exchange Structured Business Data Securely Over HTTP or HTTPS

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Communicate securely with distributors and trading partners using AS2 to transfer EDI messages and other types of data. The Drummond-certified AS2 module gives EFT for Retail the ability to transfer data using AS2 over HTTP or HTTPS. Transaction monitoring tools let organizations identify and resolve problem transactions, and detailed reports provide detailed analysis of all transactions. Automatically send AS2 data using hot folders, scheduled events, or custom triggers in EFT for Retail 

Maintain PCI DSS Compliance

Maintain PCI DSS Compliance

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EFT for Retail is designed to help retail organizations facilitate compliance of customer and business data to meet requirements mandated by PCI DSS and other standards. EFT for Retail provides automatically enforced policies, expiration of data access, purging of old data and records, and purging of inactive accounts—without any need for human intervention.

Reduce Staffing Costs with Automated Data Workflow Management

Reduce Staffing Costs with Automated Data Workflow Management

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Retailers must communicate with many dispersed locations and move large volumes of data. Merchandising, pricing, and replenishing must take place in near real-time to keep up with the fast pace of retail cycles. EFT for Retail has advanced workflow management and automation features to reduce the burden on IT staff. As data is transmitted to and from multiple partners and the internal network, native event rules in EFT for Retail can execute secure file transfer operations that are specific to the data, such as encryption, renaming, moving, and numerous other actions. 

EFT for Retail Includes:

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DMZ Gateway

Provides the Ability to Move Your MFT Solution Out of the DMZ and Inside Your Firewall

Advanced Workflow

Automates Data Transfer Processes, Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency

Content Integrity Controls

Enhances Security by Integrating with Antivirus or DLP Tools with Files Being Transferred 

Web Transfer Client

Allows End Users to Transfer Files from Any Web Browser

Auditing and Reporting Module

Provides Robust Visibility and Reporting Capabilities for your Data

Advanced Security Module

Provides Multi-Layered Security to Help You Meet or Exceed Your Security and Compliance Requirements

PGP Module

Protect Data at Rest with Strong Public Key and Symmetric Cryptography


Securely Share Large Files with Enhanced Visibility and Control