Active-Active High Availability with Globalscape EFT™

Globalscape EFT's High Availability (HA) solution can protect your critical business processes, ensure that your crucial file transfer systems are always on with zero downtime, and that employees, customers, and business partners experience seamless availability of critical applications and information. With Globalscape EFT HA you can:

  • Maintain availability through any planned or unplanned outage with zero downtime
  • Increase stability and flexibility by implementing multiple nodes of EFT for load balancing
  • Enhance throughput and better meet important SLAs by deploying multiple nodes of Globalscape EFT to allow the collective EFT environment to use more available resources
  • Improve scalability with the ability to share common configurations across nodes, eliminating the challenge of having multiple servers set up with different configurations

Globalscape EFT's active-active deployment provides HA using multiple instances of Globalscape EFT and a load balancer, for non-stop availability of your network. And unlike active-passive failover clusters, all of the nodes in Globalscape EFT’s active-active deployment are put to work in production—with no standby hardware, and no clustering software.

Prevent Downtime Even in Your Virtualized Environments

A highly available virtualized environment is a good option in many cases, and helps protect against hardware failures, but that doesn’t mean your critical Globalscape EFT  services are protected from downtime. There are still planned and unplanned operating system and software events that will interrupt your services—even simply rebooting after routine updates. Auto-Drain takes effect automatically when an HA node detects that it is out of sync and a restart is required. The server waits for transfers and events to complete and then automatically restarts the node to regain sync with the cluster.

Integration with F5 BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™

Now you can control spikes in network traffic, minimize scalability limitations, and maximize the efficiency of large and complex environments. Globalscape is a member of the F5® Technology Alliance Program, providing a proven managed file transfer solution for interoperability of F5 BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (BIG-IP LTM®) with Globalscape’s managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) with High Availability (HA), to secure enterprise data at rest and in transit, without interruption.

Cluster Requirements

  • Shared storage
  • Shared database
  • Load balancer
  • Microsoft Message Queing MSMQ 
  • Fully qualified Domain Name (DNS)

EFT™ Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 or later
  • Quad-core CPU, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • 8GB available RAM, minimum
  • Oracle or SQL Server database
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4