Globalscape EFT™ Modules


Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Enterprise is a customizable managed file transfer platform trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide for its unmatched simplicity and military-grade security.

EFT Enterprise requires a per server-instance license. There are no limitations on the amount of connections, users, bandwidth, or CPU utilization for the product. Unlimited client licenses are included in EFT Enterprise, and access to all modular features are available during the 30-day trial.


Advanced Security module (ASM) - The Advanced Security module achieves or exceeds security practices mandated by government and industry standards such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley, and others for data transfer, access, and storage. The ASM protects data in transit by enforcing the use of secure protocols, strong ciphers and encryption keys, and maintaining strict password policies. Additionally, the ASM enables organizations to centralize their user access controls, improve productivity, and increase adherence to security policies, and provides administrators with the ability to easily maintain password security in one location to quickly commission and decommission user provisions in one central location. The ASM provides SAML (WebSSO), RSA® SecurID®, RADIUS, and CAC support.

DMZ Gateway® - Our multi-platform, multi-layered security solution does not store or process data. It’s simply a liaison through the “Demilitarized Zone” to your internal network. Your proprietary data always remains safe behind the firewall for EFT Enterprise to store and process. DMZ Gateway also allows you to securely administer EFT remotely via secure PNC.

OpenPGP module - Secure your “data at rest” on a server using OpenPGP data encryption technology.


Event Rule triggers for operating system events, cloud-based events, file system events, Workspaces events, Server events, Site events, user events, connection events, and AS2 events.

Advanced Workflow Engine workflows, when added to Event Rules, automate your complex business processes, including integrating with backend systems.

Remote Agent module (RAM) provides centralized control for automating transactions from distributed systems. RAM enables automatic interactions between branch offices, point-of-sale terminals, business partners, field agent laptops, or other remote systems and your EFT server residing in a central location.


EFT Enterprise includes the HTTP/S and SFTP modules for secure data exchange. Additionally, the AS2 module uses the Application Statement 2 protocol to specify how to connect, deliver, validate, and acknowledge data, and creates an “envelope” for a message, which is then sent securely over the Internet. AS2 is widely used to transfer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages, but it can also be used to transfer other types of data.


Auditing and Reporting (ARM) module - Save time by running dozens of reports automatically with our advanced auditing and reporting module. Use built-in and custom report templates to spend your time productively rather than spending hours combing through enormous piles of data.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) module - BAM provides real-time activity monitoring for admins, partners, and end users. The BAM charts display key performance indicators such as successful/failed transfers, transaction trends, statistics, and EFT logs.

Performance Tools - EFT produces logs of activities, which can be published as a series of counters to Window’s Performance Monitor. Counters are used to provide information as to how well a system is performing. This data can help administrators better understand crucial performance metrics and size the requirements of their EFT infrastructure as new requirements are placed on the system.


Mobile Transfer Client - Get secure anytime, anywhere access to information in EFT Enterprise on a mobile device.

Web Transfer Client - Provide your business partners with access to EFT Enterprise with our thin web client that can be used on any modern browser, leaving a small footprint that’s easy on your resources.

Workspaces is an enterprise-level, ad hoc, secure file sharing solution that allows employees to easily and securely exchange folders and their files with internal and external users, without sacrificing the highest levels of control, visibility, and governance. The Workspaces module for EFT Enterprise is the only file sharing solution that supports customizable workflow automation.

EFT Outlook Add-In - The EFT Outlook Add-In, included with Workspaces, allows you to send files from Microsoft Outlook for pickup via a secure link. The EFT Outlook Add-In provides a secure message delivery option, and supports Microsoft Outlook Digital Signature and Microsoft Outlook Encryption.