February Recap

For many, the month of February is about Valentine’s Day and showing the ones you love how much you care about them. But… if you’re reading our blog, your greatest concern is most likely more focused on data security and the role it plays with the internet of things (IoT) and compliance regulations.

Data security and the IoT was the topic of discussion at this past month’s RSA Conference for our VP of Engineering, Greg Hoffer. Hoffer’s session was titled, IoT and Data’s Perilous Journey. Recent hacks of IoT devices, including a massive attack that shut down access to many high profile websites, revealed IoT’s vulnerability as a way to compromise network and data integrity. Hoffer’s presentation follows data on its perilous journey through the Internet of Things, from its creation, capture, transmission, aggregation, analysis and storage—a lifecycle that also involves cloud, Big Data, governance, compliance and data security. During his session, Hoffer identified the risks involved at each stage and the ways that organizations can better prepare for and protect valuable data.

Following the conference, Hoffer discussed the RSA Conference in his blog post, “The Never-ending Story of Security Issues: RSA Conference 2017 Wrap-Up Edition.”   

This past month, we also focused on data security and the uncertainty following compliance changes like with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe through Globalscape’s VP of Product Strategy Peter Merkulov’s guest article in Channel Partners, “The Channel, Uncertainty and Compliance: A Trio of Opportunity.”

Below you can find the February 2017 blog and news highlights.

Globalscape Blogs

3 Ways that MFT can Help You Get More Out of the Cloud

February 23, 2017

Excerpt: In 2016, IDC estimated in the Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker that investment in cloud would grow by just over 15 percent from 2014 to 2019. In 2017, Bain & Company wrote in The Changing Faces of the Cloud, “From 2012 to 2015, cloud demand accounted for 70% of related IT market growth, and we expect it to represent 60% of growth through 2020.” Organizations of all shapes and sizes find value and usability in the cloud, and yet there are some organizations that are still harboring reservations. Learn more.

4 Ways MFT Can Improve Your Business

February 22, 2017

Excerpt: In recent reports, Memorial Healthcare was required to pay out a $5.5 million settlement as a result of failing to protect patient health information (PHI) for 115,000 people. In the case of Memorial Healthcare, their IT department would have greatly benefitted from the operational visibility, governance, and added layer of security that could be gained from an enterprise managed file transfer (MFT) solution, like Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™). Learn more.

The Never-ending Story of Security Issues: RSA Conference 2017 Wrap-Up Edition

February 20, 2017

Excerpt: What do data, security, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence have in common? Only the world’s largest security show. Another year and another RSA Conference is officially in the books. This year’s event was certainly eye opening, with a bevy of new exploits, vulnerabilities, and potential solutions to lingering IT security issues. This year’s U.S. conference focused on bringing unity to what is becoming an overwhelmingly larger global security community. The opportunity to participate in such an event certainly leaves you with a long to-do list and a broader view on what’s to come in the world of security. Learn more.

Data Transfer and Amazon Web Services: Security and Governance in the Cloud

February 9, 2017

Excerpt: Big Data has the potential to unlock a wide range of patterns and trends, much of which can help with better decision making and business strategy. Whether your business needs to adjust the price of a product or even change your hours of operations, Big Data can play a crucial role in the way you choose to manage your business.  Learn more.

In the News

The Channel, Uncertainty and Compliance: A Trio of Opportunity

Feb 24th, 2017 

Excerpt: Compliance with information security regulations is a major challenge for customers — and, depending on the industry, there’s a good chance the problem is growing even more complex as the importance of protecting sensitive data comes under intense scrutiny. But as the channel knows, with challenge comes opportunity.

Similarly, companies that do business across international borders are desperate for help understanding and meeting the changing demands of foreign regulators. In Europe, especially, customers are scrambling to prepare for implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect in May 2018. Learn more.

Why Automation Doesn’t Necessarily Remove the Need for QA

Feb 23rd, 2017 

Excerpt: Automation does make some aspects of QA easier, but if the test itself isn't up to snuff, it won't provide the desired result, according to Greg Hoffer, VP of engineering at Globalscape. "Because technology development is a complex, dynamic process, automated doomed to fail unless someone is able to make sure that the tests are current, or new bugs and vulnerabilities will not be detected," he said, citing the case of a serious security bug in the CryptKeeper app that wasn't found during the QA process.