Achieving Data Security through a Managed File Transfer Solution

Organizations rely on the secure storage, transfer, and accessibility of their data. The negative effects of a data breach or lagging, unreliable network can cause a domino effect across every line of business in an organization. When this happens, business comes to a standstill while IT attempts to remedy the problem – which is why organizations seek out managed file transfer (MFT) solutions for a wide range of data management issues. 

Data security and productivity measures are far more successful and effective when they are preemptive, which is why MFT solutions are an effective data management tool for many IT managers, especially those in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services.  

Maintaining security and compliance go hand in hand. While not every compliance measure is related to a security standard, there are still many compliance mandates that work well with keeping a network secure. MFT solutions have real-time monitoring and validation security policies and controls to answer to compliance standards for handling sensitive data. Some of the standards mandated by HIPAA, HITECH, SOX and PCI contribute to security with the following standards: 

  • Protect data in transit or at rest 
  • Track and audit user activity and file movement
  • Meet requirements for data wiping and sanitization
  • Monitor and alert in real-time on potential violations of security standards
  • Capture compensating controls and generate reports on compliance status 

Data is the life-blood of your business and ensuring that it moves efficiently and securely (both in and outside of your organization) is critical. Yet, for something so important, many organizations are littered with non-compliant and rogue data exchange solutions, making their network ripe for security breaches and failed data transactions. The use of unsanctioned devices and applications, known as shadow IT, causes a wide range of problems for organizations, including insecure data transmission and lack of visibility and control, putting your business data at risk.

The security capabilities of a MFT solution extend beyond the process of moving or storing data. A MFT solution supports overall network security: 

  • Operational visibility helps IT managers see problems before they happen 
  • Automation improves efficiency and saves time, eliminating the need for manual processes, which indirectly improves security because IT professionals can redirect their efforts  
  • Compliance standards bring an additional layer of security by regulating the security policies and practices that ensures that organizations are handling sensitive data securely    
  • User-friendly ad hoc capabilities ensure that shadow IT practices aren’t being used to skirt IT policies

If data security and management are a key concern for your organization, contact us to learn more about how Globalscape’s MFT offering can help you achieve your data security and management requirements.