Securely share project files with external AEC partners

Globalscape's file transfer solutions can ensure that your work is secure and accessible at the office or on the road. Keep your proprietary files safe behind the firewall, and still share with external partners; scan files for malware or proprietary information; transfer files over a variety of secure protocols; secure your data at rest and in transit using OpenPGP data encryption technology, and transfer any file, in any size, without missing a byte.

  Secure File Transfer

Collaborate with AEC partners anywhere in the world

Imagine trying to have several hundred engineers working on models that have to be uploaded via web or FTP anytime a change needs to be committed. Then, everyone else has to download those models to verify they are working on the latest version. Even in a small organization, data loss, overwriting files, and file version history can be a nightmare to manage. Globalscape can simplify all that with a file replication and synchronization solution that can handle anything that AutoCAD and Revit throws at it.

  Wide Area File Services (WAFS)

Manage AEC project files from a central location

Configure, deploy, and manage information and policies from a central location. Track, audit, and guarantee delivery of files. Globalscape's managed file transfer solution can turn your complicated, archaic transmission environment into simple, efficient file sharing with increased productivity and control across a wide range of operational and support departments.

  Enterprise Data Management