Disaster Recovery

You most likely have a disaster recovery plan. But do you have a disaster recovery location ready to get you back up and running should the unexpected happen?

With every minute of downtime costly, true recovery requires a disaster recovery (DR) location either off-site or in the cloud. A DR site, also known as a backup site, is a place (physical location or in the cloud) that a company can temporarily relocate to following a security breach or natural disaster. Consider this site just one important facet of your organization’s larger disaster recovery or business continuity plan.

With Globalscape EFT in place at both your primary place of business as well as at your DR site as a mirrored, non-production instance, you can help protect your critical infrastructure and meet your recovery time objectives (RTO).

An additional instance of Globalscape lets you test failover and recovery from another location or datacenter to address your business’ SLAs both internally and with your partners and customers.

Having a DR site ready now can provide your organization with the fastest recovery time without hours of manual work tomorrow.

EFT Active-Active Cluster HA + Disaster Recovery

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Globalscape EFT's active-active deployments provide high availability when using multiple instances of EFT and a load balancer for non-stop availability of your network.  

Unlike active-passive failover clusters, all of the nodes in Globalscape’s active-active deployment are put to work in production.  

In the architecture below, Globalscape EFT is clustered with two or more servers for high availability, and the systems are installed in the private network. Associated DMZ Gateways are installed in the DMZ and no inbound ports are opened to the private network. The product and user files share configuration across each system/node in the cluster. And a load balancer provides load balancing for incoming connections. The clustered EFT servers distribute the project workloads evenly across each node in the cluster. 

If you’re not yet prepared with a similar architecture, disaster recovery can take more money, time, and resources than you expect to keep customers, trading partners and employees in business.

 EFT System Architecture

Peers Deploying a DR Site Plan

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Ensure your critical infrastructure is up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Here’s how a few Globalscape customers deployed a mirrored, non-production instance of Globalscape EFT at their DR locations for failover and recovery when they needed it most: 

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Get Your Disaster Recovery Site Ready

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To add another instance of Globalscape EFT to your disaster recovery site, just contact your Globalscape representative, or contact us

Our Professional Services can also help you get started in using Globalscape EFT in your DR site.  We'll train you thoroughly and provide custom services if you need them. In addition, as your needs evolve and grow, we'll help you continue to use our software to its full potential.