Preventing Data Loss with Globalscape EFT

If you could quickly name the biggest data loss points threatening organizations today, what would they be? The unfortunate reality is that one of an organization’s biggest potential data loss points is its employees.

Employees often transfer unencrypted sensitive or proprietary data, to partners and clients, outside of their organization when doing business. Even when companies label documents as confidential or sensitive, or limit access, there is always the chance that they could be shared externally. From Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to, Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS), many organizations are required to follow government and industry regulations to ensure that every precautionary measure is taken to protect the sensitive data of consumers, employees, patients, and others.

The cost of staying connected in a global world shouldn’t prevent businesses from operating, but the human factor of any network means the potential for increased risk and vulnerabilities.

Stop Data Loss with Globalscape EFT with Content Integrity Control™ 

Globalscape EFT with Content Integrity Control™ (CIC) integrates with data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to ensure that transferred files do not contain sensitive data, except by those authorized to do so. The best way to stop the loss of company information is to scan the documents automatically as they are being sent or received, and then block the file transfer if a document contains sensitive information.

Globalscape's MFT solution can also send transfers to anti-virus scanners before allowing them to reach their intended destination. Transfers are then permitted or blocked based on policies set in EFT Event Rules by the IT administrator.

With CIC, You Control What Gets Through

The EFT administrator can specify how EFT should react to items flagged by the DLP and anti-virus scanners, and whether EFT should automatically apply the relevant compliance requirements to your data transfers.

Implementing EFT with CIC in your network ensures:

  • Employees are not sharing confidential and proprietary info
  • No transfers contain non-public information, such as PHI (protected health information) and PFI (personal finance information)
  • Transfers are free of malware
  • You maintain compliance with PCI DSS requirements regarding DLP

Supported antimalware and DLP tools:



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