EFT Arcus: The Cloud MFT Platform that Works for You

When data gets stuck, sluggish, or siloed, so does everything else. With technology solutions that make it effortless to see, access and move data around your business you become more efficient, productive and successful. Globalscape’s newest cloud Managed File Transfer solution, EFT Arcus is a managed file transfer SaaS solution on a ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ pricing model. EFT Arcus dissolves barriers to data flow by reducing (or eliminating) costs and responsibilities typically associated with on-premises deployments.

With EFT Arcus you can: 

  • Automate data exchanges between people and systems 
  • Gain visibility into the movement of your data
  • Replace legacy or homegrown file sharing systems
  • Securely share files internally or externally
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations like SOX, GDPR, FIPS, HIPAA, and PCI DSS among others. 


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Why It’s Time to Take Your File Transfers to the Cloud

By 2020, the demands of next-generation apps and new IT architectures will force 55% of enterprises to upgrade their existing data centers or deploy new data centers, according to IDC. At this rate, data center maintenance and expansion is becoming less and less resource-efficient. Upgrading server hardware and facilities can require frequent and, at times, excessive usage of your capital expenditures (CAPEX) budget that could be allocated to other projects. 

One of the benefits of using a managed platform with cloud hosting is the ability to scale up or down freely at a low cost. With EFT Arcus you pay a monthly usage-based fee, which offers you the flexibility to choose from either your operational expenditures (OPEX) budget or your CAPEX budget. This option, combined with a better return on investment, can make for an easier sell to business decision makers.

The scalability of EFT Arcus keeps your business nimble and able to quickly respond to changing demands. Because EFT Arcus has been developed to be elastic, its resources can ramp up or down almost instantaneously depending on the load. On-premises hardware requires weeks of planning and implementation to perform that responsively. With EFT Arcus you can start send/receiving files, sharing data and building workflows immediately. 

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Reliability and Security: No Longer Just On-Premises

EFT Arcus has extremely high level of tenant isolation, with most critical components deployed per customers which in combination with data encryption at rest and in transit offers stability and protection for your highly sensitive data. 

Zone Redundant Storage

EFT Arcus leverages Azure's zone redundant storage services to help mitigate against localized outages or natural disasters, keeping your data safely intact and available. Zone redundant storage is designed to provide at least 99.99% durability of data storage objects over a given year by replicating your data to a secondary datacenter within the same availability zone. This ensures that you can reliably access your data, whenever you need it.

Security & Compliance

EFT Arcus is hosted in facilities that offers a high level of security and comprehensive compliance certifications including GDPR, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, EU-US Privacy Shield, GDPR, CSA Star, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FIPS. 


EFT Arcus helps you move data seamlessly between applications, people and places. All while giving you the control, visibility and scalability you need.

To review, with EFT Arcus implementation you can:

  • Reduce IT operational costs usually associated with on-site hardware, software maintenance, and support
  • Match costs to actual usage with flexible, consumption-based pricing and a low-rate monthly flat fee 
  • Comply with data security and compliance requirements

EFT Arcus offers a reliable way to move enterprise data that is also efficient, scalable, and cost effective. Learn more in our whitepaper, 4 Ways EFT Arcus Can Save You Time and Money.

Make your data – and your business – flow, sign up for a free trial of EFT Arcus today. 

Peter Merkulov, Chief Technology Officer at GlobalscapePeter Merkulov – Chief Technology Officer

Peter Merkulov serves as Chief Technology Officer at Globalscape. He is responsible for leading and overseeing the product strategy, product management, product marketing, technology alliances, engineering and quality assurance teams. Read more about Globalscape leadership.