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Globalscape offers a variety of secure file sharing and mobile access solutions to give flexibility to employees, customers, and partners—and gives you control of data security.

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EFT Platform

  • Hyperic integration with EFT helped the customer reduce operations workload, increase the company’s IT management maturity level, and drive improvements in availability and infrastructure health.

  • SharePoint offers a conveinent way for employees or partners to collaborate within an organization. Through Globalscape's EFT and Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE Module), users can automate SharePoint tasks or activities, like lists and file synchronization.

  • With EFT and Workspaces, all confidentiality concerns are addressed, the employees are empowered to manage their own project bid processes with a simple, straight-forward, repeatable process they can follow, and IT is relieved of administrative overhead associated with creating and sharing folders and provisioning new external users.

  • Operational visibility is not just about security, it's understanding how data moves around your organization. Globalscape EFT is designed to give you unparalleled visibility across every aspect of the file transfer with a Reporting Module that combines granular detail with remarkable ease of use.

  • When enterprises want to become more agile, they need a way to move data internally around a business end-to-end from external trading partners. A managed file transfer (MFT) solution, like Globalscape’s EFT platform gives enterprises a competitive advantage.

  • Unlike many cloud-based file sharing solutions, Workspaces is an on-premises solution that installs in your trusted network, with your own storage and network protections. IT can now deny access to cloud-based file sharing services within their organization, because they have provided a safe alternative to their internal customers. Workspaces provides end-user driven provisioning of partners for secure file exchange on a platform that supports high security, and multiple protocols.

  • Some of the biggest data loss threats to organizations today stem from their own employees. Globalscape EFT™ with Content Integrity Control™ (CIC) integrates with data leak prevention (DLP) solutions to ensure that transferred files do not contain sensitive data. Learn how Globalscape® EFT™ can send transfers to anti-malware scanners before allowing them to reach their intended destination.

  • Data movement between a leading pharmaceutical company and worldwide medical regulatory agencies was tedious and complicated. See how Globalscape met a wide range of stringent requirements ahead of schedule with a simplified e-Submissions solution.

  • Globalscape offers a consistently reliable file transfer solution for complicated satellite transmission situations.

  • An information services company who provides credit data to clients around the world received some of its clients' data on physical media (CD/DVD), because the clients didn’t have a way to send the data electronically. Globalscape provided an affordable way for even their smallest clients to send their data electronically.

  • You can’t stop taking care of patients when the computers are down. Whether you are entering patients’ data into their records or sending billing information to an off-site accounting service, you need that access to continue non-stop. See how you can save time and money with an active-active, highly available file transfer solution—and your hospital staff can take care of patients instead of paperwork.

  • When a computer system stops doing what it was designed to do, administrators need answers fast. Most of the time, those answers can be found in the log files. The built-in logs that EFT generates are far superior to what nearly every other server provides. Other servers simply do not generate or save much, if any, information about what is actually happening outside of their server. Unlike many managed file transfer systems, EFT provides detailed, human-readable logs and reports for security events, file transfer events, user events, and server/site alerts, so you always know what is going on in your network.

  • In June 2008, the number of personal computers in use worldwide was one billion. That number is expected to double in 2014. Yet, many people have trouble understanding very basic computer tasks, such as transferring a file from your desktop to a remote desktop. Globalscape Mail Express® software has no learning curve for end users. Even your most inexperienced end users will be able to email large files with no technical training. With Mail Express, employees can send large email file attachments to recipients inside or outside of your organization quickly, reliably, and securely, while reducing the load on your mail server.

  • Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using existing database management tools or traditional data processing applications. This influx of data sets also brings the challenges of capture, curation, storage, analysis, and visualization along with it. As businesses work with an increasing number of partners, the size of the data being exchanged increases in terabytes or exabytes in size. The Apache Hadoop Big Data Platform was built as a “big data tool” in order to assist with these large exchanges. Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) platform and DMZ Gateway® together provide a simple, reliable, secure, and streamlined process for your data’s gateway to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), maintaining security, visibility, and compatibility with Internet open standard protocols.

  • Industry and government organizations have established numerous mandates intended to protect networks, the data transferred across them, and the people who are connected to the data. Even though it takes a lot of effort to achieve and maintain compliance with these directives, complying with the standards applicable to your business can provide major benefits. Whether your business is obligated to comply or you simply want to establish and enforce the most rigorous security standards, Globalscape is the solution for secure data transfer, access, and storage.

  • Most administration tasks are repetitive, tedious, time consuming, and often performed at a command line. The more of these tasks that can be automated, the more time the administrator has to monitor the network; install, implement, and monitor security programs; and of course, respond to end-user issues. Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) platform provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to make an administrator's workload much easier.

  • Managing multiple different systems costs not only time, but also money. Can you afford to hire a new IT resource for every legacy system? Can you afford to hire a full-time employee whose only job is to keep the payroll system functioning? Oh, and that’s a 24/7 job, so you’ll need three employees for each shift, every day, plus weekends on call. That could get expensive. Even if you outsource your payroll, you still have to exchange payroll information with your partner. You certainly don’t want to pay couriers to move the data for you. This is an IT/data management nightmare.

  • Even though SSL is the most common security protocol (HTTPS and FTPS use SSL), some organizations only secure the channels that routinely transfer sensitive data. When you transfer data over HTTP or FTP, your data is “in the clear,” meaning if the data is intercepted, it is readable, including usernames and passwords. There is no encryption to protect it. Leaving other channels unsecured is inviting malicious access into your network where villains can worm their way in and wreak havoc on your “secured” networks.

  • Monitoring your network can help you make decisions on whether the network needs to grow, if the proper security controls are configured, and even provide proof to your partner that the file you promised to send was actually sent at a specific date and time, and that it was received.

  • Whether you are receiving orders from online customers or sending payroll to an offsite accounting service, you need those transfers to continue non-stop. When the orders stop, your business stops. When you have a server that does just one thing, does anyone notice when it goes down? Do you have monitoring in place to let you know there is a problem? Even if you do have monitoring in place, what happens when you notice a problem? Does your network admin get a call at 3 am to come in and fix it? Do you have to call a consultant to come in and fix it? How long are you left with no transfers coming in or going out? How often can you afford to do that? Globalscape has a better solution.

Mail Express

  • Mail Express® offers integration with virus scanners and Data Leak Prevention tools, which allows users to permit or prevent transfers based on policies. This means employees won’t expose recipients to malware, or inadvertently share confidential or proprietary information. Plus, Mail Express allows up to a 4GB file upload in a web browser without using a Java applet. Eliminate insecure cloud-based consumer file-sharing use, minimize delays and frustration, and maximize satisfaction of both internal employees and external clients.

  • Employees must exchange sensitive emails with customers and partners. These emails might contain protected health information, protected financial information, or corporate information that should not be made public. Globalscape® Mail Express® allows you to encrypt the emails that it manages so that no one but the sender and recipient—not even the administrator—can view the contents of the email.

  • Email is the main collaboration and communications tool used to conduct business today. When employees want to share files internally or with customers, partners, and others outside the businesses, they typically use email attachments. This ubiquitous use of email attachments can be a problem not only for storage, but also for administrative controls. When sensitive files leave an organization’s network, administrators no longer have control over what happens to them or where they go. Using Globalscape Mail Express, IT can take control of email attachments without interfering with employee productivity or file sharing. Mail Express replaces email attachments with secure file transfer, while maintaining the mechanics of the email attachment from the sender’s perspective.

  • Exchanging large files with external partners can be "business as usual" or a long, painful experience. If your company doesn't provide an easy way for external partners to send you large files, they are going to find other methods. Your partner may have no choice but to use a free or low-cost cloud solution available over the Internet. However, your IT department may have blocked access to cloud file-sharing websites like Dropbox, Hightail, or Wetransfer to avoid security issues. These types of solutions can open your system up to access that you have no control over and no way to track which files are transferred by whom. When company-provided technology comes up short, employees regularly turn to consumer-grade tools to share large files.


  • Make it easy for employees to access their work files from their phones, tablets, laptops, or from any desktop through a secure website. scConnect makes it easier and faster to get to the files you need without having to move the files between servers.

Wide Area File Services (WAFS)

  • Globalscape serves numerous WAFS customers in architecture, engineering, and construction companies (AEC) who need to share very large files with partners outside of their network domain. This would not be possible with DFSR.

  • What do a textile manufacturing company in the Greater New York Area, a global food supply company, and a global engineering firm have in common? All three organizations need to securely collaborate with offices in multiple locations, and all three were infected by ransomware. The organizations differed in their implementation of WAFS and the degree to which their systems were compromised. Globalscape’s support provided a case-by-case assessment of the situation to develop a solution, solved their issues, and returned their data to its previous state. No ransom was paid, thanks to WAFS.