Delaying Compliance is Both Unwise and Unnecessary

When news of GDPR first began hitting the airwaves, many said the regulation was too far-reaching and, in some cases, unenforceable. In truth it is an extensive regulation with lofty aspirations that transcend global borders. One could argue that not every GDPR noncompliant company will get caught, especially companies outside of the UK. But is your company really willing to play the odds?

Consider the recent news about British Airways  and Marriott. It might be true that regulators are picking off the big fish first and making an example of well-known market leaders. Visibility can put your compliance under the microscope. Additionally, global players may be attracting much of the attention now, but how soon will regulatory eyes turn to the smaller firms of the world?

Large or small, if your business works with customers or partners from the EU and has not taken adequate compliance measures, you could be in the GDPR crosshairs. Many firms have delayed compliance efforts often due to the cost, complexity, or both. Unfortunately the risk of noncompliance can be far more costly than the out-of-pocket expenditure required to meet regulations.

Data Security is Fundamental

Here’s the good news. Compliance is not quite as complex as you think and there is a wealth of technology available to make it easier. After all, the bulk of GDPR regulations boil down to protecting data at all stages, the ability to prove that your firm can properly manage data (including data wiping), and having sufficient procedures in place in the event of a data breach. Much of these requirements can be met by data security fundamentals, including:

Comprehensive MFT for the Win

A proper managed file transfer (MFT) platform provides all of these features wrapped in a user-friendly software package. With the right secure file transfer solution, businesses can effectively protect and monitor data transfers while streamlining complex workflows and making data management easier.  

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)  is a complete MFT platform that offers powerful secure file transfer management combined with a robust feature set. Capabilities include workflow automations, reporting capabilities, and visibility and governance functions, among many others. Available in on-premises, hybrid, or cloud deployments, EFT provides vigilant security oversight and compliance status reporting.
Don’t gamble with your business’ data security, risking regulatory fines and consumer trust.

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