SFT Rights Management

What happens to files after they’re shared via Globalscape? Is PGP encryption enough for your organization’s most critical assets? Do you need to take a Zero Trust approach to file protection?

Fortra’s SFT Rights Management bundle gives organizations more control and protection over sensitive data. This bundle combines the power of Globalscape EFT  with Vera Digital Rights Management to encrypt sensitive or large assets, protect them once they’re shared, and allow for instant revocation and control to ensure only authorized individuals can access files at all times.


How Does SFT Rights Management Improve File Security?

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While some files can be shared with little to no concern for security, assets like intellectual property (IP), trade secrets, or sensitive financial information often needs additional protection. Rather than risk these assets being exposed to people who shouldn’t see them, lock them down and ensure they stay in the right hands with SFT Rights Management.

Protect Sensitive Files at All Costs

Every organization has assets that must be protected at all costs, while needing to be shared securely with individuals who need access to them. With SFT Rights Management, you can protect these critical files while specifying exactly who is authorized to view, use, and change them. Going beyond traditional file-level encryption, Vera applies encryption and rights management to each file handled by Globalscape EFT, so wherever files travel, they are protected and shared only with the right recipients.

Automatically Protect Files

Files transferred as part of Globalscape’s automated workflows can be automatically protected by Vera. Whether files are passing through MFT, being uploaded to a shared folder, or sent via email, you can choose to apply Vera protection. By applying protection as part of the workflow, you can ensure company security policies are followed – as well as broader compliance or regulatory requirements.

Decide Who Can Access Files

If files should only be accessed by recipients with a specific email domain or within a certain location, you can set those rights on your most critical assets. When outbound files reach their destination, only recipients who meet the criteria you set will be able to access them.

What Kind Of Data Can I Protect with SFT Rights Management?

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Globalscape EFT and Vera offer flexibility to protect all kinds of data, including: 

  • Intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets, such as manufacturing design files, or music or movie pre-releases
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Large bodycam footage and surveillance video files for law enforcement
  • Financial data and analytics
  • M&A documentation
  • Project bids

SFT Rights Management Features

Globalscape EFT and Vera together offer:

  • Integrated file transfer, encryption, and rights management for total file protection
  • No installation necessary for the end user
  • Default protection for sensitive files as they land in MFT and are shared outwardly
  • Easy compliance with a full audit trail end-to-end
  • Flexible deployment: SaaS, hybrid, or on-premises
  • Active file security so you can create and change policies to be enforced (collaborate or view-only, copy/paste, print, screenshot, dynamic watermarking, etc.)

GUIDE: Taking File Transfer Security to Another Level

Why is extra file security even necessary? As the movement to adopt a Zero Trust security mindset grows, many companies are realizing their file sharing practices are not secure enough. In this guide, we dive into common encryption practices, why today’s DRM tools are much easier to use, and practical steps to improve file security in the modern era.

How Are Customers Using SFT Rights Management?

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Here are some of the common ways customers use Globalscape EFT and Vera together:

  1. Send batch outbound file transfersand restrict their access to only those people/partners with a certain email domain
  2. Track documents, even when they go outside of the organization. Grant or revoke access at any time.
  3. Send files with extra Vera encryption protectionvia the Workspaces Module where users can create and enable user accounts, sharing privileges, and folders.
  4. Secure emails to protect data in transit and defend against cyberattacks with Encrypted Email
  5. Send large fileswith Vera encryption and access control protection

Let Us Improve File Security

Globalscape EFT and Vera digital rights management – both part of Fortra's data security suite  – work together to improve your cybersecurity stance. Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security.