Luxury Retail Fashion Brand Strengthens Business Processes with Data Transfer Automation

Data transfers and business workflow processes can often be overlooked in an organization. Forgotten in the shuffle of daily tasks and processes, most organizations don’t realize there’s an issue until something goes wrong. Lost data, especially data that contains sensitive information such as employee or customer details, can be disastrous. Failure to meet service level agreements (SLAs), or dealing with a data breach, can be hugely detrimental to an organization’s reputation. The most successful organizations tend to these issues before they have a chance of becoming disastrous. We recently worked with a customer who took a proactive approach to solving these problems.

Like many organizations, a U.S.-based fashion brand needed to manage sensitive employee data for its Human Resources (HR) department, in addition to managing its strategic business analytics data for its marketing department. Both sets of data were of equal importance to the organization for different reasons. The HR data contained personally identifiable information (PII) and the marketing data held the key to accurately accounting for sales and forecasting information.

In order to manage the organization’s different data sets, the HR department used a cloud-based HR and Financial Management application, while the marketing department used a cloud-based analytics application. However, the company lacked a robust reporting capability with its existing managed file transfer (MFT) system. At the same time, their old system of file transfers did not integrate well with either department’s application. As a result, the company faced constant outages, failed file transfers, and an increase in overall inefficiencies during the company’s daily data exchange processes.

These issues were exacerbated by a lack of visibility over the data exchange processes between the network, and the cloud-based applications. This stifled the workflows and processes within each department, which required the IT team to work overtime identifying problems with data transfer processes. Due to the high volume and complicated flows associated with the data, it was imperative that the company resolve the issues so that they could reap the benefits associated with the business applications, along with improving overall efficiency for the company.

The luxury retail fashion brand approached Globalscape, looking for a solution to manage both sides of the secure file transfer process, between the company, its distinct use cases and its cloud-based applications. They needed a solution that would:

  • Automate tasks to eliminate manual data transfer processes that were risky and cost the company time and resources
  • Support the high throughput of data to maintain a high level of uptime
  • Secure the sensitive data and help the organization meet industry regulations

Globalscape’s team of solutions engineers worked with the customer to develop a solution that would meet the customer’s requirements. To learn more about how Globalscape’s solutions helped the retailer overcome its file transfer challenges, read their success story