Need Secure File Transfer? MFT Trials are Essential

There are some tools you can buy without testing them out – a hammer, spreadsheet software, or a basic FTP tool, for example – but when it comes to software designed to manage and secure your business’s data processes, a test drive may be in order.

Not all data security tools are built equal, and some may meet your organization’s needs better than others. Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are similar at their cores, but each offers different UIs, features, and even support experiences. What works best for current – and future – processes vary from business to business.

Whether you’re new to MFT or replacing existing software, an MFT trial is invaluable.

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Why Try MFT?

Older file transfer methods are still used today, but they don’t offer the security and centralization of secure managed file transfer. Still using one of the following to move data from A to B?

  • Custom programs and scripts dependent on intensive programming
  • Single-function tools & manual processeslike FTP or homemade scripts. If only a few people know how to use these tools, you run the risk of human error and time-consuming delays. Automatic MFT solutions fit the bill for many more users to adopt.
  • Unsecure file transfer methodssuch as FTP servers that open you up to cybersecurity threats
  • Free file sharing toolslike Google Drive or Dropbox, while user-friendly, these popular options are limited in their ability to protect sensitive files


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MFT ups the ante on file transfer processes, and the best way to understand what’s missing from your current solution is to start a free trial and get the lay of the land. A free trial of the MFT software vendors that sit at the top of your list can help you find the best solution for your business.

What to Expect from a Globalscape EFT Free Trial

MFT solutions like Globalscape are secure, enterprise-level solutions that facilitate the administration, scheduling, and monitoring of file transfers. Globalscape EFT improves the security and ease of recurring and ad-hoc transfers thanks to:

  • Built-in regulatory compliance controls: Globalscape EFT enables organizations to meet secure data transfer standards mandated by compliance regulations and data privacy laws.
  • Visibility, auditing, and reporting: Automatically capture data access data and query it as needed, either with regular reports or directly from the administrative console.
  • Workflow automation and folder monitoring: Give admins valuable time by reducing manual scripting effort and human error.
  • Two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of security to your data transfer processes and reduce the risk of data breach.
  • High availability deployment options: Recover from unexpected outages faster than ever with Globalscape EFT’s high availability and disaster recover (DA).
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit: Safeguard every file transfer and data sharing outlet with industry-standard secure file sharing methods and protocols.
  • Award-winning managed file transfer: Get firsthand experience of this MFT solution loved by users for its product features, vendor experience, and capabilities.

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What to Consider During Your MFT Trial

Every organization has differing requirements when it comes to security, compliance, trading partners, and more, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Questions to consider during a free trial include:

  • Does the MFT solution streamline your organization’s standard file transfers?
  • Does it handle your large files and large transfers?
  • How sensitive are your file transfers?
  • Are the encryption and other security measures strong enough to meet internal and external requirements?
  • How many manual transfers can the MFT solution automate?
  • What is your secure file transfer budget?
  • Does the MFT solution solve more than one transfer or security issue?
  • Do you want to manage the environment in-house or use a SaaS solution?