EFT Arcus: Now with Advanced Automation

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of our cloud MFT platform, EFT Arcus. Today’s release introduces new automation capabilities. These changes build on EFT Arcus’ power, scalability and flexibility.

The two product improvements of note are:

  • The introduction of the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) 
  • Cloud features that enable remote file transfer automation and storage monitoring with Amazon S3 and Azure

Together, these enhancements create a complete set of cloud enablement tools to automate processes and transfers related to Amazon S3 and Azure storage.

Now, more than ever, EFT Arcus offers a fast, reliable, and efficient way to automate your complex and sophisticated file transfer workflows in the cloud, without the need for code, scripts, or complicated batch files.

Let’s dig into this release:

Automate your File Transfer Processes in the Cloud, On-Prem, and in-between

In January 2018, we launched our newest cloud managed file transfer (MFT) SaaS platform, EFT Arcus. EFT Arcus offers a “pay-for-what-you-use” pricing model and a centralized platform to streamline the management of all data transfer activities in the cloud, on-prem and in between.

What to know about EFT Arcus:

  • Pay as you go SaaS payment model – low upfront cost
  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure Facilities – secure, compliant, affordable
  • Geo-redundant storage – your data won’t disappear 
  • Single tenant data storage model – optimal security
  • Auto-scaling servers – ramp up or down as needed

EFT Arcus cuts up-front costs because consumers are not expected to provide their own hardware or data facility management staff. This makes deployments with EFT Arcus quick, easy, and flexible for both your budget and infrastructure needs.

Automate to Save Time and Money

Manual processes are inadequate and unnecessary for most organizations. Processing data manually is laborious, repetitive, time-consuming and costly. Manual work introduces all kinds of errors and delays. Errors that occur during manual data processing can take hours to discover and fix. With workflow automation, you reduce risk by eliminating the possibility of human error. When you reduce error through automation you save time and money.

One financial services firm used AWE to automate manual file transfer processes and saved their IT department 36 hours per month. A Globalscape client in the healthcare industry saved 40 hours a month with EFT's advanced automation capabilities. Automating their file transfer processes saved them an entire week of work.

AWE – A Powerful Tool

The addition of AWE to EFT Arcus gives you the ability to automate some of your more complex file transfer and management processes.

Previously, EFT Arcus could automate basic file transfer processes through its Event Rules functionality. You can trigger a process with Event Rules. However, you don’t have the ability to see into the data you are transferring, nor the ability to manipulate the data that is being transferred.

With AWE you can automate the manipulation of your data in addition to triggering a data transfer.

For example, a national library database service uses EFT every day as the primary inbound entry point for content management files. Using AWE allows them to scale by automating data processing, including retrieving, transforming and republishing files. Without AWE they could set up an Event Rule that triggers a batch upload every five minutes but they would not be able to determine which new files had been added nor could they transform the file name or zip the files. AWE is a powerful engine that enables this database organization to process millions of files a day.

AWE offers admins much more expansive automation capabilities and flexibility to create and execute processes and workflows unique to their environment without having to create a custom application or know scripting.

Simplify Cloud Management in Azure and AWS

With the enhancements to EFT Arcus’ cloud monitoring functionality, you can now remotely monitor your cloud storage, simplifying cloud management in Azure and AWS. With these additions to EFT Arcus you get a complete set of cloud enablement tools for setting up automated processes and system-to-system file transfers in the Amazon or Azure’s cloud.

These capabilities are native and installed locally which allow the customers to develop highly responsive and scalable processes that are critical to business continuity without worrying about external dependencies.

Save time and money with EFT Arcus by automating your manual IT business processes. Sign up for a free trial of EFT Arcus today.

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