For many government agencies and organizations, securing their data isn’t their only data management issue, its years and years of multiple systems that have been cobbled together, leading to layers of scripting and unreliable, incommunicative systems.

As departments and agencies modernize, phasing out or repairing legacy systems becomes more and more of a necessity. Secure data exchange solutions help government agencies and organizations manage and share data from any device while ensuring only the people that should have access, get access.

Significantly increase the security of your data, easily integrate legacy or disparate systems, all while maintaining compliance for data transfers with Globalscape’s managed file transfer solution solution, Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™).

EFT for Government

Protecting government networks at all levels, Globalscape’s Army-safe managed file transfer solution, EFT for Government, uses industry-standard secure protocols, is FIPS 140-2 compliant and has received the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command.

By implementing EFT for Government, federal, state and local agencies or organizations can configure, deploy, and manage data and information exchange policies from a central location, while tracking, auditing, and guaranteeing their delivery. EFT for Government can add an additional layer of security by scanning files for viruses or proprietary information. Advanced auditing capabilities allows you to exchange files with other agencies and partners without worry.

EFT for Government:


Benefits of EFT for Government



EFT for Government provides military-grade security and access to content for those authorized to view it. It also boosts operational efficiency by providing an easy way for users to exchange files on-the-go. IT retains the control – move, track, audit, and secure your sensitive data.



Remote employees and partners depend on access to files. We can provide secure file transfer capabilities on all major mobile devices so remote or field employees can securely access the data they need. The best part is that data is stored securely within organizational boundaries instead of on a consumer cloud server. The Web Transfer Client and Mobile Transfer Client provide secure, monitored access to EFT files in the field.



Organizations are subject to a number of regulations, such as PCI DSS, SOX, GLB, and more. EFT for Government helps agencies and organizations meet compliance and security mandates, with the addition of the High Security module for an enhanced layered security approach and the DMZ Gateway® to keep data from being stored outside the internal network. EFT for Government provides automatically enforced policies, expiration of data access, purging of old data and records, and purging of inactive accounts—without any need for human intervention.



EFT for Government can be CAC-enabled over HTTPS and is also compatible with IPv6 to satisfy government-specified requirements for future compatibility. EFT for Government can connect over IPv4 addresses, only IPv6 addresses, or a both IPv4 and IPv6. It can determine whether the connection requires IPv4 or IPv6 without requiring users to specify.


EFT for Government Includes
EFT Enterprise A Robust Platform Designed to Security Transfer Data
DMZ Gateway Provides the Ability to Move Your MFT Solution Out of the DMZ and Inside Your Firewall
Advanced Workflow Automates Data Transfer Processes, Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency
Content Integrity Controls Enhances Security by Integrating with Antivirus or DLP tools to Inspect Files Being Transferred
Workspaces Allows for Easy and Secure Collaboration Between Internal and/or External Users
Business Activity Monitoring Provides Robust Visibility and Reporting Capabilities for Your Data
Web Transfer Client Allows End-Users to Transfer Files from Any Web Browser
Auditing and Reporting Module Provides Robust Visibility and Reporting Capabilities for Your Data
High Security Module Provides Multi-layer Security to Help You Meet or Exceed Your Security and Compliance Requirements
PGP Module Protect Data at Rest with Strong Public-Key and Symmetric Cryptography
Acceleration Enables Faster File Transfers From Anywhere in the World over High-Latency Networks


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