SFT Threat Protection

When paired, Globalscape EFT and Clearswift data loss prevention can enable unprecedented levels of management and security when exchanging information.


Professional Services-Health Check

Globalscape's Professional Services offers "Health Check," a system evaluation and optimization service. This service will assess whether your system is using best practices, running optimal security settings, and avoiding any redundancies or configuration issues that can slow it down.


EFT™ Essentials Course

The EFT Essentials Course provides high-level information for everyday administrative guidelines, user account control, and end-user web and non-web clients for file exchanges.


Technical Account Manager (TAM)

At Globalscape we want to ensure your EFT projects run as smoothly as possible. Our Techincal Account Managers (TAMs) are certified professionals available to assist you with your EFT initiatives.


Active-Active High Availability with Globalscape EFT™

Globalscape EFT's High Availability (HA) solution can protect your critical business processes, ensure that your crucial file transfer systems are always on, and that employees, customers, and business partners experience seamless availability of critical applications and information.


Advanced Workflow Engine

The Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) is a powerful tool that allows rapid construction of Windows automation routines without any programming. It replaces legacy batch files, scripts, and custom application development, enabling complete IT process automation without writing a single line of code.


Automating Business Processes with Globalscape EFT™

Slow and inefficient data transfer processes waste valuable company resources. Delivering data using manual processes is vulnerable to workforce limitations, vacations, turnover, and simple human error. Learn about Globalscape EFT's automation capabilities can enable you to deliver data without manual intervention, saving time and avoiding potential errors.

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