FTPS Module for Globalscape EFT

The FTPS module for Globalscape EFT enables organizations to validate the integrity of transmitted data by allowing certain encryption algorithms for maximum security and all available types of encryption for maximum flexibility. Users can be assured that their sensitive data is protected with a protocol that is more secure and modern than standard FTP. 

FTPS, short for File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS, is a secure file transfer protocol. SSL, FTPS’s security mechanism, has been replaced by TLS (Transport Security Layer), which encrypts server connections when transferring data. FTPS uses strong encryption algorithms like AES and Triple DES to encrypt file transfers during the exchange. 

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With Globalscape EFT, you can choose the secure protocol module add-on your business requires. The FTPS protocol module delivers interactive file transfers through EFT’s Event Rules (for upload/download of external files) or third-party FTPs clients. 

The FTPS module for Globalscape EFT is a great choice for organizations requiring both security and speed in their file exchanges. 

Secure Connections with FTPS 

FTPS uses multiple port numbers to connect securely to your trading partners, customers, and users. Using multiple ports in this way can open your network and systems to vulnerabilities, but these drawbacks can be avoided by implementing an FTPS solution that safeguards your systems, like a managed file transfer (MFT) solution like Globalscape EFT. 

With the FTPS module, users transfer files with comprehensive SSL certificates (X.509) and SSH key management to authenticate connections with their trading partners and other users for enhanced security around file transfers. 

Fine-grained control over ciphers and protocol features can be applied on either a server or per-site basis to deliver exceptional performance for enterprise file transfers and make exchanging files with business partners more secure and predictable.  

If your organization is looking for the utmost in control and authentication standards to support your security policies, the FTPS module for Globalscape EFT is your secure solution. 

FTPS: One of Globalscape EFT’s Secure Protocol Options 

The FTPS protocol is one of several protocols offered by Globalscape EFT. Other protocols include SFTP, for maximum flexibility for organizations to choose which one best suits their needs. 

With comprehensive SSL certificate and key management in place to authenticate connections with trading partners and other users, the FTPS module delivers enhanced, streamlined security around file transfers. In addition, the FTPS module: 

  • Provides fine-grained control over ciphers and protocol features on a per-site or server configuration 
  • Delivers exceptional performance for enterprise file transfers  
  • Uses TLS to encrypt FTPS server connections 
  • Supports TLS v1.3