Secure Forms Module for Globalscape EFT

The Secure Forms Module (SFM) is a user-friendly way for Globalscape EFT administrators to create custom-made web forms with multiple input values that can be used to collect data securely and capture metadata during file uploads when using EFT’s web client.

Metadata gathered can then be used to kick off downstream event rules when the metadata meets your pre-set requirements for post processing.

Advantages of the Secure Forms Module

  • Administrators applying Secure Forms can:
  • Configure input fields
  • Apply custom labels
  • Define file upload components
  • Assign forms to specific permission groups
  • Configure forms on a per file or batch upload
  • Enable/Disable previously defined Secure Forms

Secure Forms in EFT can be configured as required, and when set to required permissions, web client users will be unable to upload file(s) until the secure form is properly completed.

Secure Form Submission

A Secure Form can be shown to various defined EFT permission groups, who must then upload a file through EFT’s web client to complete the form.

Secure Form Use Case: Streamlining Electronic Ballots

Secure Forms are used by organizations in all industries to streamline, centralize, and standardize information intake. Companies have used Secure Forms to reduce the number of ways in which files arrive (i.e., by fax, email, or other online submission), to collect confidential information, and to ensure data is delivered securely.

In one instance, Secure Forms is used to collect electronic voting ballots by prompting the user to enter their voting information and attach a scanned PDF. A project workflow then automatically processes and distributes this electronic ballot to the appropriate election official based on the voting information provided by the end-user within the Secure Form.

Intuitive Module Eases User Adoption

SFM is one of several intuitive Globalscape EFT modules designed to streamline automation for the delivery of data. Modules such as SFM can eliminate the manual processes that are subject to simple human error, as well as to capacity limitations, turnover, and more.

The SFM can save time, reduce potential errors, and streamline the business processes of securing forms data all without the limitations of legacy systems and applications.

Secure Forms Module Features:

  • Ability to organize Secure Forms provided to the web client user
  • Ability to disable specific Secure Forms
  • Ability to present Secure Forms to specific permission group(s) defined in EFT
  • Ability to use the metadata from Secure Forms in EFT’s context variables
  • Ability to add multiple elements to a Secure Form
  • Support for: drop-down, multi-string, radio, string, and toggle options for Secure Forms
  • Ability to set Secure Forms to required parameters
  • Ability to prompt a Secure Form on a per-file or batch of files upload