Web Transfer Client™

Need to exchange data with a partner? Globalscape Web Transfer Client provides a variety of partner connectivity options including a built-in Web transfer client that works in any browser and environment, and requires no system changes or additional hardware or software to install.


SFTP Module for EFT™

Need to send files SFTP? The SFTP module for Globalscape EFT enables authentication and secure file transfers with SFTP clients, such as CuteFTP® file transfer software.


Content Integrity Control

Content Integrity Control (CIC) integrates with virus scanners and DLP tools to permit or prevent file transfers based on your organization’s policies, and supports compliance with PCI DSS. With CIC, you won’t expose your network to files containing malware, or share confidential or proprietary information.


Advanced Security and Reporting

Learn about the functionality of the Advanced Security Module (ASM) and the Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) and how they can beef up your security, auditing, and reporting abilities. We'll cover: ...


EFT Logging: A Forest of Information

Learn types of  "EFT™ Logging: A Forest of Information"! This webinar will provide an overview of the types of EFT Logging, including: Outgoing Logs  Incoming Logs Ted 6 Logs AWE Logging


EFT Web Transfer Client Tips for Customization

Learn customization tips & tricks for EFT™ Web Transfer Client (WTC). WTC is a powerful yet user-friendly file transfer client that provides broad compatibility with diverse trading partners and your end-users. ...

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