Secure file sharing with partners, consultants, recruiters, and clients

Business services organizations provide everything from consulting and recruitment services to payroll and tax services for a variety of other organizations. When you need to send large files securely to remote offices, partners, and vendors across the street or on the other side of the world, Globalscape has a secure managed file system to suit your unique situation. Transfer any file, in any size, without missing a byte.

  Secure Large File Transfer

Synchronize files with business partners around the world

Globalscape simplifies collaboration with a file replication solution that can work across domains between multiple organizations. End users access their files from within Windows Explorer or other Windows file system locations, just like always, whether the file is located in New York or New Delhi. Save the cost of travel and employee relocation by replicating and synchronizing files on the WAN—at LAN speeds.

  Wide Area File Services (WAFS)

Manage data and control business information in one location

Configure, deploy, and manage information and policies from a central location. Track, audit, and guarantee delivery of files. Globalscape data management solutions can turn your complicated, archaic transmission environment into simple, efficient file sharing with increased productivity and control across a wide range of operational and support departments.

  Track File Movement